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Linkdown: 8/10/10 by Barbecue Bros

– Two lengthy recaps of Lollapalooza 2010 from AV Club and Pitchfork

– Spin has their own set of the best photos from the festival

– The latest AV Club Undercover has The Swell Season covering Neutral Milk Hotel‘s “Two Headed Boy”

– Vulture wonders which “Mad Men” character will drop acid first

– You can stream the Scott Pilgrim vs. The World soundtrack, which has songs by Black Lips, Broken Social Scene, Metric and more here (via Flavorwire)

Batman 3 could take place in New Orleans to take advantage of tax breaks offered by the state and local government

Weezer‘s upcoming album on Epitaph is entitled Hurley…and ridiculously features a photo of Hurley from “Lost” (Jorge Garcia) on the cover

– A new Andre 3000 song off a forthcoming mixtape (via Spin)

There might be a role for Jennifer Aniston in the “Arrested Development” movie…huh?


Thursday Music Videos: 7/23/09 by Barbecue Bros
July 23, 2009, 11:58 am
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Camera Obscura – “French Navy” – I am really digging the latest album My Maudlin Career lately, in large part to singer Tracyanne Campbell’s voice. They play a similar style of indie pop as fellow Glaswegians Belle and Sebastian, so thats a plus as well.

Miike Snow – “Burial” – Another standout track from the self-titled album. Video was filmed in India.

Weezer – “Kids/Pokerface” – An official video for what they’ve been doing on tour this year. The video’s a bit aggravating as it keeps switching from widescreen to 4:3 view. If you are prone to epileptic fits, I would be cautious when watching this one.