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Linkdown: 7/15/10 by Barbecue Bros

Diplo is not reallyĀ a fan of M.I.A.‘s latest album

– Vulture: Is Inception the Anti-Avatar?

– After a very successful opening weekend,Ā a Despicable Me sequel is now in the works

– James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem) and Ryan Adams are among the musicians contributing to a literary magazine

– Some Belle and Sebastian news: a new song, a new tour and a new album

A few details on the David Milch, Michael Mann and Dustin Hoffman HBO show “Luck”

– In honor of Bastille Day yesterday: 10 Sexy French Men Who Have Made Legitimate Cultural ContributionsĀ which includes director Michel Gondry, chef Eric Ripert and Francois Truffaut alter-ego actor Jean-Pierre Leaud

Linkdown: 3/15/10 by Barbecue Bros

The National‘s upcoming album High Violet gets a tracklist

A recap of the excellent Winning Time documentary about Reggie Miller vs. the Knicks that aired on ESPN last night

Interview with Scott Hutchison of Frightened Rabbit

This is a new song from Ryan Adams, which is from his “most legit metal record” Orion but doesn’t sound all that metal to me; rather it sounds like a Rock N Roll b-side with roughed up vox

Sleigh Bells signs with M.I.A.’s label Neet, who will release the album on May 11

– According to Larry David there is a “pretty good chance” we will be getting more “Curb Your Enthusiasm”

– Paul Schneider will be leaving the “Parks and Recreation” cast at the end of this season

– About 9 months late, WSJ’s Speakeasy blog asks “Is Chillwave the Next Big Music Trend?”

Linkdown: 11/4/09 by Barbecue Bros

Hey, how about a linkdown…

Interview with Chris Pratt of “Parks and Recreation”

– After Hugh Jackman dropped out of hosting this year’s Oscars, Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin have been tapped to co-host but it was almost Steve Martin/Tina Fey

James Franco will guest on “30 Rock” after his arc on “General Hospital”; Padma from “Top Chef” will also guest

Highlights from the “Bored to Death” panel at the Paley Center last night

– Ryan Adams released a new song you guys

– The Village Voice speaks with Julian Casablancas

“Dexter” hit a season high with last Sunday’s episode, and has gained 600k viewers over the past three weeks

And finally, “in its debut on German television Sunday night, Emmy-winning comedy “30 Rock” scored a 0.0 rating, meaning fewer than 5,000 viewers tuned in.”

Linkdown: 9/24/09 by Barbecue Bros
September 24, 2009, 11:11 am
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– Vulture makes the case for Precious to be nominatedĀ for Best Picture

– They also examine if Tucker Max is the next Tyler Perry

Ted Leo signs to Matador Records as the last two labels he was with (Lookout! and Touch & Go) have folded in recent years

– How Nathan Fillion got his gig for Halo 3 and Halo: ODST

Video of MGMT‘s appearanceĀ on kids show “Yo Gabba Gabba!”

– Some photos from Ryan Adamsart show at the Morrison Hotel in NYC

Inteview with Joss Whedon (via Pop Candy)

– The Jim and Pam EW wedding cover

Top 5: My favorite albums of 2000 by Barbecue Bros

Since this is officially the last year of “the oughts” or “the oh-oh’s” or whatever you want to call it, that means only one thing: we now need to figure out what we call the next decade (the teens, I guess?). It also means I need to figure out my top 50 or 100 or whatever albums of this decade. I’ll begin this week with the year 2000, when I graduated from high school and became a college freshman.

1. Radiohead – Kid A (Capital) – In hindsight, three years isn’t that long to wait between albums. But at the time, the wait between 1997’s OK Computer and 2000’s Kid A seemed interminably and excruciatingly long. This was the last and only album I purchased at midnight (Schoolkids Records on Hillsborough St), and this ended up being the defining album of my college life. I’m pretty sure I listened to it at least four times straight upon getting back to my dorm room, and was hooked immediately upon hearing the first minute of “Everything in its Right Place.”

2. Ryan Adams – Heartbreaker (Bloodshot) – At times, this has been my favorite album ever. The contributions from David Rawlings, Gillian Welch and Emmylou Harris are perfect, the music is stark and spare, and Adams’ lyrics are literally heartbreaking.

3. Outkast – Stankonia (La Face) – A masterpiece of a hip hop album, and one that really opened my eyes to the genre. Of course it has the huge singles – “B.O.B.” and “Ms. Jackson” – but the best parts of the album are also how eclectic and all-over-the-map it is. Between its predecessor album Aquemini and Speakerboxxx/The Love Below, Outkast can seemingly do no wrong (though the nearly six year wait for a true followup is a little maddening when you think of it).

4. Godspeed You Black Emperor! – Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven (Kranky) – You don’t understand how much I loved post-rock in college, and it really began with this band and album. Long passages of strings and sparse instrumentation building up to cacophonous, wall of sound crescendos. This was the stuff that got me going as a college freshman.

5. Primal Scream – XTRMNTR (Astralwerks) – While Primal Scream has let me down with subsequent albums, this tour-de-force of visceral, semi-political, abrasive-at-times music for a time had me thinking they could become one of my favorite bands. And Kevin Shields’ contributions to the album certainly gave them cred in my mind.

Others receiving votes: Yo La Tengo – And then nothing turned itself inside out (Matador), Dirty Three – Whatever You Love, You Are (Touch and Go), Grandaddy – The Sophtware Slump (V2), Coldplay – Parachutes (Parlophone)

Seriously Serious Concert No. 2: The Cardinals with Ryan Adams, 3/12/09 by Barbecue Bros
March 13, 2009, 1:50 pm
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In what could possibly be my last opportunity to see Ryan Adams live (it remains to be seen if he is really retiring from music since his original blog post has since been erased), Kenny, Susong and I trekked down to Columbia, SC in hopes to recreate our experience seeing him in Asheville in 2006. It certainly started out similarly, as we found a place to eat in town where we could order three pitchers and eat before the show (this time a Mellow Mushroom, and I had forgotten how good their pizza was).

After realizing we were running late as we finished our meal, we downed the rest of our food and beer as quickly as possibleĀ  (and saying hi to a friend we randomly ran into) and made our way to the venue, dubbed I believe “The Rad Auditorium” for the night by Ryan Adams himself. After some running to and from the car on my part (first tickets, then phone) and some unintentional yakking on Kenny’s, we made our way to our seats to realize we had missed the first 25 minutes and seven songs (can’t believe we missed “Come Pick Me Up” and “Wonderwall”).

The rest of the show that we did see was still aces though, with “When the Stars Go Blue,” “I See Monsters/Champagne Supernova,” “Let It Ride” and “Magick” being the highlights of the main set for me. “Magick” especially kicked ass to close the set. Sadly, there were no Mandy Moore sightings in the wings backstage or as a duet on “Two” (or “Candy” as was my hope going into the show). However, as was the case in Asheville nearly 3 years ago, I don’t think the patrons sitting in front of us took a liking to our singing along, but screw ’em.

After a brief interlude, the band came back for a short encore kicked off by a spirited version ofĀ  “Oh My Sweet Carolina” with nearly the entire auditorium singing along. He finished off with an extended version of “Easy Plateau” before thanking the crowd once again (he totally called us “so fucking fun earlier in the night” and I agreed) and the house lights came up. He ended up playing for a little over 2 hours, though with the seven songs we missed due to our late arrival I felt a litle unsatisfied. Here’s hoping this won’t end up being my last opportunity to see him.

The setlist, courtesy of

On at 8:40

Beautiful Sorta
Born Into a Light
Cold Roses
Come Pick Me Up
Everybody Knows
Freeway to the Canyon
**weird banter about a cameo video
Fix it
When the Stars go Blue
Grand Island
Shakedown on 9th Street
A Kiss before I go
Goodnight Rose
**band intro and a birthday song for Chris
Let it Ride
Lost Satelite?
Rescue Blues
Oh my God, whatever, etc

Oh my sweet Carolina
Easy Plateau
Off at 10:50

A few more photos from the show can be found at my Flickr photostream

Thursday Music Videos: 3/12/09 Ryan Adams edition by Barbecue Bros
March 12, 2009, 11:13 am
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In honor of seeing Ryan Adams (ahem, The Cardinals Featuring Ryan Adams) tonight in Columbia, SC for possibly the last time ever, here’s an all Ryan Adams edition of Thursday Music Videos.

Ryan Adams – “Halloweenhead” -The bizarre video, possibly originating from Sweden. Guitar solo!

Ryan Adams and the Cardinals – “Fix It” – From his performance on Letterman last fall. This has become my favorite song off Cardinology, which I hadn’t listened to nearly enough until recently. Love the guitars.

Ryan Adams – “So Alive” – I don’t know if I’ve ever seen the original video (UPDATE: unable to embed it, but available at the link; below is a performance on Letterman). Interesting video visually, from a time when the music label probably wasn’t sure how to market him after Rock N Roll. Great chorus.

Ryan Adam – “To Be Young (Is to Be Sad, Is to Be High)” – An acoustic version from Jamaica off the Music In High Places DVD from a few years back.