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Photos: Pavement @ Tabernacle, 9/26/10 by Barbecue Bros
September 30, 2010, 5:45 pm
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Pavement @ Tabernacle, 9/26/10, originally uploaded by twoguns.

Tabernacle, Atlanta, GA

Pavement was in a great mood for their Atlanta show after the Maryland crowd the night before apparently “sucked.” Stephen Malkmus was in guitar god mode, Bob Nastanovich was awesome as always, and I had a great spot up front by the rail, stage Malkmus (thanks to Kenny and I sacking up). A decent-length set, two encores and plenty of frumpy, middle-aged sing-a-longs later, I felt the long drive back home to Charlotte (via a stop over in Greenville, SC) was completely worth it to see one of my favorite bands ever for my second (last?) time.

All of my photos from the night can be found here.


Silence Kit
Heckler Spray
In the Mouth a Desert
Perfume V
Elevate Me Later
Shady Lane / J vs. S
Kennel District
Cut Your Hair
The Hexx
Range Life
Shoot The Singer
She Believes
Gold Soundz
We Dance
Two States
Stop Breathing

Heaven is a Truck
Rattled by the Rush
Box Elder

Encore 2:
Date with Ikea
Conduit for Sale!

Read This: How Pavement Became the Greatest Band of the Nineties This Year by Barbecue Bros
September 23, 2010, 8:33 am
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I saw them at Pitchfork earlier this year, but I’m really pumped to catch them in Atlanta this Sunday for a full set in a great venue, The Tabernacle. This is the true reunion show I’ve been waiting for all year, and I’ll be damned sure to bring my camera this time.

Pavement split up in 1999, announced some reunion shows last September, and spent the year since doing pretty much the same thing as Betty White: riding high on a wave of goodwill, fond memories, and free-floating cred. Tonight, they’ll play the first of a series of sold-out shows in Central Park. Before that came a best-of compilation, a GQ profile, a tour that took them from New Zealand to Norway, and Pitchfork’s recent list of the Top Tracks of the 1990s, on which their “Gold Soundz” placed No. 1. (Full disclosure: I was one of many people involved with that list.) Somehow, along the way, this much-loved indie staple’s reputation started to look a touch more like what Robert Christgau called them thirteen years ago: “the finest rock band of the ’90s.” Which is a funny thing, for a band whose ambitions to be Legendary and Important were audibly low — a band that’s been sauntering through this whole reunion with a characteristic shrug.

I also love this tidbit about Steven Malkmus, which was touched upon in Chuck Klosterman’s GQ article earlier this year:

The best way to get in touch with him about Pavement, says Nastanovich, is to propose a fantasy-league trade and slip a music question into the e-mail.


An now, a mini Pavement linkdown:

Pavement played “Gold Soundz” on “The Colbert Report” this past Monday night

– Link to some photos from their show at Central Park Summerstage from Tuesday

A bootleg for a recent show at the Williamsburg Waterfront

Friday Music Videos: Sunday Pitchfork Music Festival Edition by Barbecue Bros
July 16, 2010, 10:50 am
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Neon Indian – “Sleep Paralysist” – I caught their set at Bonnaroo but wouldn’t mind catching them again. Though I’m not sure if it will be the same without the booby-tassle indian chicks dancing on stage.

Big Boi – “Follow Us (ft. Vonnegutt)” – So very pumped to see Big Boi Sunday night. I’ve been digging the hell of out his solo album and am hoping he will mix in some Outkast jams.

Pavement – “Major Leagues” – So this will be the year I will finally see one of my all-time favorite bands ever. In fact, I will be seeing them again later this year in Atlanta. I can’t explain just how excited I am for this.

Linkdown: 6/25/10 by Barbecue Bros

The Arcade Fire‘s upcoming album The Suburbs will have 8 different covers for some reason

– So there’s this, a SyFy Debbie Gibson versus Tiffany movie is coming

Pavement reunited with their original drummer at a recent show in their hometown of Stockton, CA

Another interview with Adam Scott of “Party Down”

What’s the most important lesson you learned on Tell Me You Love Me?
Always pick the biggest fake penis if it’s gonna be yours.

Here’s a feature on Paul Rudd and his “smarter brand of summer comedy” on NY Mag

– Here it is you guys, the R. Kelly World Cup video for “Sign of Victory”

A long GQ interview with the awesome Jason Segel

– Also awesome: all of  the Toy Story 3 easter eggs

Record Store Day 4/17/20: Lunchbox Records by Barbecue Bros
April 20, 2010, 2:42 pm
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Lunchbox Records Record Store Day, originally uploaded by twoguns.

Made it to my second Record Store Day this past Saturday and picked up a few items on vinyl at my local independent record store, Lunchbox Records here in Charlotte. However, only the Beach House single was a Record Store Day Exclusive since we opted not to wait in line before 10am – really mad I didn’t get the Pavement comp. Maybe next year I will be that motivated.

My purchase:
Beach House Zebra 12″ Single (Record Store Day Exclusive)
Pavement Quarantine the Past LP
The Morning BendersBig Echo LP
Wilco You Never Know b/w Unlikely Japan 7″

Read This: Inside Pavement’s Reunion by Barbecue Bros
April 14, 2010, 2:46 pm
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Really cannot wait to finally see these guys in late September in Atlanta.

March 1, 2010: It was the night the coolest band ever officially became rock stars. Not because the drummer snorted his weight in Peruvian lady or because the guitarist named the first daughter from his third marriage after his second yacht. Those are things a rock star does, but they aren’t what make someone a rock star. You become a rock star when you can get onstage without adding anything new to your artistic legacy and still make thousands of people lose their minds. It’s adulation as ritual, expectations met as a matter of course.

It wasn’t that Pavement came off like cynical Mötley Crüe/Eagles clock-punchers when they played the Auckland Town Hall in New Zealand for the first show of the year’s reunion binge. Far from it. “I’ve been having anxiety dreams for six months,” guitarist Scott Kannberg told the crowd.


Music Video: Pavement – “Shady Lane” by Barbecue Bros
March 5, 2010, 11:27 am
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So I’ll finally get a chance to see one of my favorite bands ever later this year, as I just purchased tickets to see them in Atlanta on 9/26. Here’s one of my favorite Pavement songs, with a video by Spike Jonze.

Also, here’s a list of’s favorite Pavement songs.