telling minor stories to avoid a major one

Linkdown: 6/25/10 by Barbecue Bros

The Arcade Fire‘s upcoming album The Suburbs will have 8 different covers for some reason

– So there’s this, a SyFy Debbie Gibson versus Tiffany movie is coming

Pavement reunited with their original drummer at a recent show in their hometown of Stockton, CA

Another interview with Adam Scott of “Party Down”

What’s the most important lesson you learned on Tell Me You Love Me?
Always pick the biggest fake penis if it’s gonna be yours.

Here’s a feature on Paul Rudd and his “smarter brand of summer comedy” on NY Mag

– Here it is you guys, the R. Kelly World Cup video for “Sign of Victory”

A long GQ interview with the awesome Jason Segel

– Also awesome: all of  the Toy Story 3 easter eggs

Linkdown: 3/6/09 by Barbecue Bros
March 6, 2009, 12:05 pm
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– The cast of Seinfeld will appear together in the upcoming season of Curb Your Enthusiasm, whenever that will be (and yes, that includes the racist)

– Speaking of Seinfeld, the entire series is available from Amazon for $99 for a limited time

– Michael Jackson is making a return to music

– Slashfilm has a list of directors, writers and actors on Twitter, including Jon Favreau, Greg Mottola, Nick Stoller, Elizabeth Banks, Tina Fey, Russell Brand, McLovin and a ton more

Interview with Russell Brand, whose comedy special airs Sunday night on Comedy Central

– A funny Paul Rudd deleted scene from The Ten (via Videogum):