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Netflix Rundown: June ’10 by Barbecue Bros

Just realized I hadn’t done this yet…

* indicates movies watched instantly

Toy Story (1995)/ Toy Story 2 (1999) – 9/10 (both) – Inexplicably, I had not watched either of these movies until this past month (I know, I know). As with most people, I loved them both. Also like most people, Pixar has really yet to do anything wrong in my eyes (haven’t seen them all though).

I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell (2009)
– 2/10 – Utterly awful. I probably should rate this lower. In fact *logging onto imdb*, I just did (now a 1/10). There are zero redeemable qualities about this film, and this is from someone who enjoyed the book.

Where The Wild Things Are (2009)
– 8/10 – A wonderfully imaginative film. At times, the film felt a little strained by turning a short kids book into a 101 minute full length feature. However, I continue to be a big fan of Spike Jonze.

The Blind Side (2009)
– 6/10 – A heartwarming movie that tells a great story but itself is not a great movie. Flawed, but certainly worth watching.

“Party Down” Season 2 (2010)*
– 9/10 – Sadly, this has been taken off Netflix Watch Instantly after its cancellation by Starz. An amazing show that joins the list of tv comedies gone long before their time – “Arrested Development,” “Andy Richter Controls the Universe,” “Andy Richter, P.I.,” “Better Off Ted,” etc.

Currently Have Out:
A Serious Man (2009)
Favela Rising (2005)
Pirate Radio (2009)

Linkdown: 7/6/10 by Barbecue Bros

– Cinematical speculates that M. Night Shyamalan’s directing career might be close to over

Inception is getting some early raves

– Slashfilm: Gore Verbinski Confirms Bioshock Movie Is Still Happening, Insists It Will Be Hard R

Titanic 3D coming in 2012

Big Boi‘s official solo debut gets a 9.2 from Pitchfork, is named Best New Music

– Stereogum drops a summer jams mixtape on us

Interview with Lizzy Caplan on the “Party Down” cancellation

– Tuned In: Three Cheers for Anthony Bourdain (who is becoming a bit of a personal hero of mine)

– San Francisco tv critic Tim Goodman has some thoughts on the summer tv wasteland

– New Strokes album delayed until March 2011 (via Spin)

RIP “Party Down” by Barbecue Bros
July 1, 2010, 10:51 am
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It only averaged about 75k viewers (though I wonder how many more watched on Netflix Watch Instantly like I did), so “Party Down,” one of the funniest, most underappreciated tv comedies since “Arrested Development” was officially canceled yesterday.

In any case, here’s a few highlights from season 2:

A Life Machine

Interesting Proposition (with Kristen Bell)

In One Ear, Out One Ear (with McLovin)

More season 2 clips can be found at the Starz YouTube page.

Linkdown: 6/28/10 by Barbecue Bros

It looks like Peter Jackson will direct The Hobbit after all

A review from Edinburgh of The Extra Man, the movie based on Jonathan Ames’ novel of the same name

– Holy cow: Paramount has spent $280 million on The Last Airbender, which includes $130 million in advertising

Wavves moves up the digital release of King of the Beach a month early

– Video of MGMT‘s three-song performance from one of last week’s Fallons

A fan video of a new Rapture song

– Vulture rounds up recent odd-but-inspired rap collaborations

– Robert Greenblatt, who “out HBOed HBO,” to step down at Showtime as programming chief

– An interview-slash-post-mortem of “Party Down” season 2 with co-creator John Enbom

Linkdown: 6/25/10 by Barbecue Bros

The Arcade Fire‘s upcoming album The Suburbs will have 8 different covers for some reason

– So there’s this, a SyFy Debbie Gibson versus Tiffany movie is coming

Pavement reunited with their original drummer at a recent show in their hometown of Stockton, CA

Another interview with Adam Scott of “Party Down”

What’s the most important lesson you learned on Tell Me You Love Me?
Always pick the biggest fake penis if it’s gonna be yours.

Here’s a feature on Paul Rudd and his “smarter brand of summer comedy” on NY Mag

– Here it is you guys, the R. Kelly World Cup video for “Sign of Victory”

A long GQ interview with the awesome Jason Segel

– Also awesome: all of  the Toy Story 3 easter eggs

Linkdown: 6/24/10 addendum by Barbecue Bros

A couple of tv-related (and mostly Alan Sepinwall-related) items that I neglected earlier today…

– An Alan Sepinwall interview with “Party Down” and now “Parks and Recreation” cast member, Adam Scott

– Another Alan Sepinwall interview/post-mortem of “Treme” season one with co-creator, David Simon

– His review of the excellent 30 for 30 documentary film, The Two Escobars

– ESPN was the big winner yesterday with both the exciting US-Algeria match and the marathon Mahut-Isner tennis match

– Speaking of which, the USA-Algeria soccer match may have set an internet traffic record yesterday

Read This: TV’s Extraordinary Season and the Rules That Shaped It by Barbecue Bros

NY Mag’s latest feature story is an in-depth piece on the rules that governed the success of many of this past season’s tv shows, including “Modern Family,” “Parks and Recreation,” “Bored to Death,” “Dexter” and “Party Down,” among others.

When all else fails, try being good. This may seem like an awfully cynical way to start an analysis of how great TV gets made. But TV is the most finely tuned of commercial instruments (up there with boy bands and political attack ads as a regurgitated product of the conscious and subconscious public will), and it does nothing merely for its health or to get to heaven. This is not to say that the creative process in TV is entirely without merit: Like almost any commercial product, it lives somewhere on the axis between commerce and art. And right now it’s more about art than commerce.

I especially liked the long article on “Modern Family,” ABC’s “warm family sitcom” which has been the biggest surprise for me and one of the biggest generators of LOLs.