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Music Video: Holy Ghost! – “I Know, I Hear” by Barbecue Bros
July 27, 2010, 2:21 pm
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Holy Ghost! released a four-song EP this year on DFA entitled Static on the Wire. This is a black and white, lo-fi video for the last song on the EP, which features Caroline from Chairlift on the chorus.

Holy Ghost! also recently remixed “Drunk Girls” by LCD Soundsystem for the Adult Swim Singles Program. You can check it out and download from the site.

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Linkdown: 7/15/10 by Barbecue Bros

Diplo is not really a fan of M.I.A.‘s latest album

– Vulture: Is Inception the Anti-Avatar?

– After a very successful opening weekend, a Despicable Me sequel is now in the works

– James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem) and Ryan Adams are among the musicians contributing to a literary magazine

– Some Belle and Sebastian news: a new song, a new tour and a new album

A few details on the David Milch, Michael Mann and Dustin Hoffman HBO show “Luck”

– In honor of Bastille Day yesterday: 10 Sexy French Men Who Have Made Legitimate Cultural Contributions which includes director Michel Gondry, chef Eric Ripert and Francois Truffaut alter-ego actor Jean-Pierre Leaud

Photos: Bonnaroo 2010 Megapost by Barbecue Bros


Here We Go Magic

Local Natives

Neon Indian

The National

The Flaming Lips

LCD Soundsystem

Aziz Ansari

More photos can be found in my Concerts 2010 Flickr set

Linkdown: 6/3/10 by Barbecue Bros

– In case you missed it yesterday, an interview with James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem

– EW’s wishlist of Hobbit potential director replacements for Guillermo del Toro

– James Cameron refers to everyone dealing with the gulf oil spill as “morons”

– Speaking of the HMFIC, Titanic will be rereleased in 3-D in 2012, to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the ship’s tragic sinking

– The New York Times issues a correction for the recent M.I.A. profile, admitting that some quotes were presented out of order (via Flavorwire)

The National will be touring with Owen Pallett later this year, including a Raleigh stop in October

– The video for the Neon Indian-produced Miniature Tigers track “Gold Skull”

– Flavorwire: 10 Great Music Documentaries to Watch Online for Free, including films on Brian Eno, Pixies, and The Flaming Lips

Read This: Interview with James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem by Barbecue Bros
June 2, 2010, 2:24 pm
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An informative AV Club interview with the man behinds DFA Records and LCD Soundsystem. The interviewer wastes no time in asking the retirement question right off the bat.

The A.V. Club: Let’s just get it out of the way: Why are you quitting?
James Murphy: I’m not quitting, per se. I don’t want to be a professional rock ensemble that releases albums and goes on tour and does that all that stuff anymore. You know, there’s making music, and then there’s being a professional musician—and as much as I love it, it’s so all-encompassing that we really can’t do anything else. We’re just going to stop that part. LCD Soundsystem will still exist, to a certain degree, but people won’t have to disappear from their homes for months and stuff like that.

AVC: So there’s a chance LCD Soundsystem could continue making music, but you just won’t tour or do interviews behind it?
JM: I don’t know. It’ll be like it was in the beginning, when I released a couple of 12-inches, did a bit of it live, and just kept doing projects. I’ll have time to do production and other stuff like that, too.

A lot more ground is covered, including a lot of themes or influences on This Is Happening as well as the story behind all of the band members being forced to wear white.

AVC: What’s the story behind forcing everybody to dress in all-white?
JM: This is going to be a potentially unsatisfying answer, but I thought it would be funny. I was just having—for lack of a less-weighted term—a vision of wearing a white suit and having a rock ’n’ roll mansion in L.A., and thinking it was pretty 1974 awesome. And I thought it would be really funny if everybody wore white all the time. So when we picked people up at the airport, we would have to take them to the store—if they didn’t have enough white clothes—to buy white clothes. In fact, my assistant Matt Cash had the best outfit of all, which I picked. I was like, “Dude, you need a white dashiki and white, flowy pajama pants, and no shoes, and no sunglasses.” And he wore that all the time, and it was awesome. It just looked great. It made you feel kind of cool. “Check this out! This looks cool! Everybody’s in white!” We had a white minivan—kind of creepy, like a cult. I like when you make a bad, simple joke and then follow through for months. If you’re just like, “What if everybody wore white? Ha ha ha.” “No, let’s do it.” That’s great. I love that crap. “What if we get the biggest balloon in the world?” “All right, let’s do it.” Those are my favorite things.

AVC: It seems like you’d have to be really careful about spillage.
JM: I think white clothes with stains in a rock ’n’ roll house is kind of what you need. Especially if you have a bloodstain—that’s a pretty good look. But yeah, coffee is a bummer. [Laughs.]

A good, somewhat long read for fans of the band.


Linkdown: 5/27/10 by Barbecue Bros

Interview with Band of Horses singer Ben Bridwell

The latest flop examined by AV Club is Ricky Gervais’ The Invention of Lying, “[o]ne of the most promising, inspired, and disappointing comedies of recent years”

Details on the 12-14 “Lost” epilogue to be included on the complete series dvd set

“Dexter” gets a new cast member for season 5 in Julia Stiles

– Cinematical: Have Movie Titles Become Too Long?

– The new Arcade Fire album The Suburbs will be released in August

– EW: David Sedaris lends his support to National Audiobook Month

– Albums from LCD Soundsystem, The Black Keys, and Band of Horses all wind up in the Billboard top ten for last week

Linkdown: 5/17/10 by Barbecue Bros

– So there’s going to be a Napoleon Dynamite animated tv series, with the original cast reprising their roles

– Shia Labeouf didn’t like Indiana Jones 4 either

– Conan O’Brien on his new studio at WB Studios in Burbank:

“I can’t wait to interview the cast of Jersey Shore on the same lot where they filmed Casablanca”

Interview with Will Arnett on the set of Jonah Hex

– David Fincher will direct the update of Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Interview with Craig Finn and Tad Kabler of The Hold Steady

– Stereogum has a Neon Indian-produced track from Miniature Tigers’ upcoming album Fortress

LCD Soundsystem‘s This Is Happening gets a staggering 9.2 from Pitchfork

You can watch The National‘s D.A. Pennebaker-directed Brooklyn concert from this past weekend on YouTube (via Consequence of Sound)