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Favorite TV of 2010 by Barbecue Bros
December 23, 2010, 4:43 pm
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1. Terriers (FX) – The best show no one watched, the best new show of the fall, and the best show I saw this year. As everyone nows by now, it wasn’t renewed for a second season. But season 1 was high quality season that wrapped up all of the major storylines in a satisfying way for the fans of the show, and for that I am thankful.

2. Party Down! (Starz) – Another little seen show that was canceled this year after two short seasons on Starz. Such a strong ensemble that will certainly be missed.

3. Mad Men (AMC) – Everyone loves the episode “The Suitcase” (and with good reason), but this was another damned fine season for the show.

4. Parks and Recreation (NBC) – If I happened to watch the NBC comedies on DVR the next day because I missed them live, this show was the first one I watched. For a few reasons: 1) The show really found its voice in its second season and stopped trying to make Leslie Knope a female Michael Scott 2) The writers were able to flesh out the supporting cast, especially April, Andy and Tom Haverford (Aziz Ansari) and 3) Ron Fucking Swanson. Can’t wait for season 3 in January.

5. Lost (ABC) – I was fine with the series finale, and thought the season as whole wrapped up the series in a satisfying way.

6. Friday Night Lights (NBC) – Yet another solid season from a show I’m just really going to miss after it ends next season. Texas forever.

7. Rubicon (AMC) – A surprise for me, as I only watched it due to it being next to “Mad Men” on Sunday nights. But even despite the relative letdown of the finale, it was actually a cool, throwback-to-the-70s-era political thriller.

8. Treme (HBO) – No, it wasn’t as immediately great as “The Wire” but not even the first season of “The Wire” was as good as what you think of when you think of “The Wire.” I actually liked “Treme” quite a bit, and am more than willing to give David Simon time to truly find the voice of the show.

9. Louie (FX) – A true piece of auteur work, where Louis C.K. writes, produces and directs every episode. The show could be laugh out loud funny, cringeworthy, or even kinda bleak and somewhat depressing, all sometimes within the same episode.

10. Fringe (Fox) – Another show who figured things out in its second season, this time when it went from a strictly freak of the week show to a freak of the week show with more of a narrative arc relating to an alternate world that has continued its momentum into season 3 (interestingly, at the same time another Bad Robot show “Lost” was exploring the “sideways world”).

Others receiving votes: Eastbound and Down (HBO), Better off Ted (ABC), 30 for 30 (ESPN), Community (NBC), Boardwalk Empire (HBO)