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Lists! 2008: Favorite Songs 5-1 by Barbecue Bros
January 13, 2009, 2:08 pm
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5. Pete & the Pirates – “Mr. Understanding” (from Little Death)
Fun little ditty from the Reading band. Kinda wish I at least picked up the album to see what its all about.

4. The Walkmen – “In the New Year” (from You & Me)
I’ve said a lot about this song throughout the year and included it on my end of summer mix. The vocals are probably the main reason why I like the song.

3. Pop Noir – “Girls of Prey”
I don’t know a ton about this band of twins, and they don’t seem to have released any albums. But this song has a Joy Division-esque sound, which makes sense because the band comes from Manchester.


2. The War on Drugs – “Show Me the Coast” (from Wagonwheel Blues)
A ten-minute opus that perfectly mixes shoegazer and Bob Dylan influences.


1. MGMT – “Time to Pretend” (from Oracular Spectacular)
All you need to know about this song is the opening lyrics:
“I’m feeling rough, I’m feeling raw, I’m in the prime of my life/
Let’s make some music, make some money, find some models for wives/
I’ll move to Paris, shoot some heroin, and fuck with the stars/
You man the island and the cocaine and the elegant cars”

Lists! 2008: Favorite Songs 10-6 by Barbecue Bros
January 13, 2009, 1:39 pm
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I’m not so great at talking about individual songs but here are songs 10-6. The rest of the list to come later today.

10. Sigur Rós – “Gobbledigook” (from Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust)
This is the stills version of the first video from Sigur
Rós‘s album this year. As I’ve stated before, it sounds like an Animal Collective outtake, though with a Sigur Rós spin on it. I love the drums on the track.

9. My Morning Jacket – “Touch Me I’m Going to Scream, pt. 2” (from Evil Urges)
Unfortunately, this is the shortened version of the song whereas the album version has the great, hypnotic outro and lasts over 8 minutes. Pretty cool animation in the video itself though.

8. Deerhunter – “Nothing Ever Happens” (from Microcastle)
Initially I was drawn to “Agoraphobia” off Microcastle, but “Nothing Ever Happens” kept growing on me after repeated to the listens. Again, the outro is what grabs me about this song, especially after listening to it while driving home for Christmas.

7. Kings of Leon – “Sex on Fire” (from Only by the Night)
This video is a bit vain, but I was very hopeful about the sound of the new album after hearing this leaked single earlier in the year. The album may not quite have lived up to my expectations but this song still kicks ass, with the driving rhythm and the urgency in Caleb Followill’s vocals.

6. Empire of the Sun – “Walking on a Dream” (from Walking on a Dream)
Kind of a new-wave-slash-dream-pop sound to this song and most of the album. Also, throw in some disco. Maybe not normally my thing, but this song’s a winner.