telling minor stories to avoid a major one

Linkdown: 4/8/10 by Barbecue Bros

Interview with Justin Long, who says the I’m a Mac ads are probably done

Cursive covers Starship‘s “We Built This City” in this week’s AV Undercover

– Aziz Ansari has been cast in Zombieland director Ruben Fleischer’s upcoming 30 Minutes or Less

Tim Riggins to star in Peter Berg’s Battleship board game adaptation

“Real 3D” vs. “Fake 3D”: Should Studios Advertise the Distinction?

Menomena announce new album, Mines, to be released on July 27 on Barsuk

Dr. Dog played “Stranger” on Fallon recently

– A ridiculously awesome but also imaginary 8-bit Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog video game:

Emmys: Dr. Horrible by Barbecue Bros
September 21, 2009, 11:51 am
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Great segment, and one clearly where NPH flexed his co-producing muscle

Linkdown: 9/14/09 by Barbecue Bros

Part 2 of AV Club’s Fall TV preview, including a preview of “Community” and “Bored to Death”

Video interview with Matt Damon of the upcoming The Informant!

– Speaking of which, a review of The Informant! from the Toronto International Film Festival

– Viggo Mortensen talks The Road

Beatles Rock Band has a 89 on Metacritic, and I can confirm that its awesome

– Some shots of the “Lost” season 6 poster (via Vulture)

“Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog” wins a Creative Emmy, as does Tina Fey for her Sarah Palin character; here is her acceptance speech:

“Mrs. Palin is an inspiration to working mothers everywhere because she bailed on her job right before Fourth of July weekend. You are living my dream. Thank you, Mrs. Palin.”

– An interview with Neil Patrick Harris on becoming Hollywood’s first openly gay breakout star

2009 Primetime Emmy Nominations by Barbecue Bros

The nominations for the 61st Primetime Emmy awards came out this morning and once again, they failed to not nominate “Two and a Half Men” for anything. Seriously, what do people see in this show? In any case, some thoughts below. The awards will be held on September 20 on CBS.

Some thoughts on Comedy:

  • While I do still watch “Entourage,” I don’t understand why it continues to be nominated year after year (ditto for “Weeds”)
  • I loathe “Family Guy” to its core and am saddened by its Best Comedy Series nom
  • Glad to see “Flight of the Conchords” nominated, but its second season wasn’t all that great
  • Though it was never going to get nominated, “Better Off Ted” is a better, funnier show than nearly half of the list for Best Comedy Series
  • Glad to see Jemaine nominated, but why him over Brett?
  • Kevin Dillon nominated for Johnny Drama? Come on.
  • Neil Patrick Harris finally nominated! Yes! 
  • Colby Smulders could have gotten a nod for Best Supporting Actress and I would have been very cool with that.
  • “30 Rock” is a guest actor nomination factory for the second year in a row – Alan Alda, Jon Hamm (!), Steve Martin, Jennifer Aniston, Elaine Stritch

Some thoughts on Drama:

  • “Dexter,” “House,” “Lost” and “Mad Men” all deserving for Best Drama series, but no “Friday Night Lights”?!?!?
  • I’ve never seen the show, but is Simon Baker that good in “The Mentalist?”
  • Glad to see Michael C. Hall, Jon Hamm and Hugh Laurie nominated again
  • Good job for Elisabeth Moss getting nominated in Best Actress in a Drama, but I would have been happy to see January Jones nominated for Supporting Actress
  • Go John Slattery in Supporting Actor in a Drama! Nice nod for Christian Clemenson though..
  • Jimmy Smits was a great character  in “Dexter,” so glad to see that
  • Is “True Blood” too populist for Emmy nods?

Some thoughts on Reality/Variety/Mini-series/Other:

  • “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog” was nominated!
  • It could very well be “The Amazing Race’s” to lose, but good to see “Top Chef” on the list for Reality Competition Program
  • …As well as Padma and Tom nominated for hosting
  • I’ve come around on “The Daily Show” but maybe this is the year “The Colbert Report” will break through?
  • Both the Will Ferrell and Ricky Gervais comedy specials were awesome, and either would likely give a great acceptance speech
  • “Generation Kill” was a very underrated miniseries