telling minor stories to avoid a major one

Linkdown: 7/29/10 by Barbecue Bros

“How I Met Your Mother” co-creators talk about a lackluster season 5 and a promise to return to emotion and romance

– The latest Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis features Steve Carell

– Vulture: Who Will Kanye Follow First on Twitter?

– Flavorwire thinks they know how to start a chillwave band; they’ve really been all about chillwave recently

– Composer Hans Zimmer talks about the use of Edith Piaf’s “Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien” in Inception‘s score

The Flaming Lips apparently killed it at the Spin 25th Anniversary Party the other night

Ten things Time misses about the “Mad Men” era


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July 28, 2010, 10:40 am
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– What Don Draper’s Wall Street Journal hedcut would have looked like (above)

– Also, Ad Age refutes their portrayal from the season premiere of “Mad Men”

What’s wrong with this picture? No. 1, we never did interviews over lunch; No. 2, we didn’t take notes in shorthand; No. 3 we didn’t ask cute-ass questions; and No. 4, our pictures were never bigger than our stories.

– Flavorwire has the baby and awkward teen photos of 10 indie musicians

– Also, the origin of 10 chillwave band names (though several aren’t really chillwave, per se)

– The Old Spice Guy has lined up a movie role in the Jennifer Aniston/Colin Farrell/Kevin Spacey movie Horrible Bosses and a guest spot on “Chuck”

Interview with Bethany Cosentino of Best Coast where she sets the story straight on her relationship with Nathan from Wavves

You’re dating Nathan Williams from Wavves.
That is true. I don’t really like to talk about it too much, because it’s not that important. But I’d like to clarify that I’ve known him since I was 17 years old. I met him a couple days before his 19th birthday, so we’ve been friends for a really long time. We didn’t really talk for a few years, but then we met back up again. I think people assume we met through our bands or something, but that’s not true. We’re old pals from teenage years.

– NPR All Songs Considered’s five great cover songs from 2010 (so far)

– Danny Pudi and Donald Glover of “Community” discuss Tory and Abed’s bromance

A premature evaluation of Arcade Fire‘s The Suburbs

Linkdown: 3/29/10 by Barbecue Bros

– AV Club Inventory: Hey, aren’t you…?: 15 actors’ winking nods to past characters

– A video analysis of the Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World trailer against the comic book

– Merton the ChatRoulette singer is back!

– Vulture: Noah Baumbach on Why Greenberg isn’t as Depressing As You’d Think

MGMT to appear on “SNL” April 24th

– Are Refused not so fucking dead? A “coming soon…” message has appeared on their website (via Spin)

In Defense of Chillwave (via The Alt Report)

Linkdown: 3/15/10 by Barbecue Bros

The National‘s upcoming album High Violet gets a tracklist

A recap of the excellent Winning Time documentary about Reggie Miller vs. the Knicks that aired on ESPN last night

Interview with Scott Hutchison of Frightened Rabbit

This is a new song from Ryan Adams, which is from his “most legit metal record” Orion but doesn’t sound all that metal to me; rather it sounds like a Rock N Roll b-side with roughed up vox

Sleigh Bells signs with M.I.A.’s label Neet, who will release the album on May 11

– According to Larry David there is a “pretty good chance” we will be getting more “Curb Your Enthusiasm”

– Paul Schneider will be leaving the “Parks and Recreation” cast at the end of this season

– About 9 months late, WSJ’s Speakeasy blog asks “Is Chillwave the Next Big Music Trend?”