telling minor stories to avoid a major one

Linkdown: 5/12/10 by Barbecue Bros

Ben Folds covers Elliott Smith in the latest AV Undercover

Interview with legendary B-movie director and producer Roger Corman

Psycho gets a 5.1 surround sound Blu-ray release

– Andy Kaufman may or may not have opened a Twitter account and may or may not be appearing this Sunday at The Comedy Store in LA

M.I.A. names her album / \ / \ / \ Y / \ (“Maya,” her name), pushes its release back two weeks to July 13

Interview with Broken Social Scene masterminds Kevin Drew and Charles Spearin

– Consequence of Sound has video of MGMT, Jónsi, The National, and LCD Soundsystem, who all played last night on late night tv

– Rapper Gucci Mane was let out of prison this morning

– Props from “Lost” are making their way to auction; full list of the 100 items here (via The Live Feed)

Linkdown: 3/24/10 by Barbecue Bros

Diplo on the new M.I.A. album:

“…It’s sort of like an Animal Collective/ gospel/ giant-drum record. And she’s singing on it. I think you might expect some rap/club music, but nothing on there. It’s more of a heavy record. All kinds of different sounds. We did, like, a punk thing. … It’s weird.”

Blitzen Trapper announce a new album, Destroyers of the Void, to be released on Sub Pop on June 8

Photos from the first show of The xx and jj‘s tour; will be seeing both of them tomorrow night and can’t wait

Ben Folds is not the Chatroullette piano guy (that guy’s name is Merton), but he did pay tribute to him at his recent show in Charlotte

An entertaining memo from David Mamet to writers from his now-canceled show “The Unit”

– Will Forte, Kristen Wiig and Jorma Taccone discuss MacGruber

The Strokes are recording music, just not with Julian Casablancas (yet)

The 10 most redundant things that are put on movie posters (via Vulture)

– The Ryan Adams unreleased album Blackhole is apparently finished

Linkdown: 3/17/10 Happy St. Patty’s! by Barbecue Bros

– In honor of St. Patty’s Day, some Conan O’Brien news: his upcoming comedy tour may spawn a documentary film

– AV Club: Are musicians making too much music?

Here’s a statistic that may or may not surprise you: Listening to every song The Beatles officially released during their eight-year recording career—all their albums, EPs, singles, and B-sides—would take a little less than 10 hours. You could start with Please Please Me as you set off to work, and finish up with Let It Be while arriving home from your evening commute.

Here’s another statistic that also may or may not surprise you: Listening to every song officially released by Animal Collective during a similar timeframe would take you almost exactly the same amount of time, to the minute.

– Vulture: Is the Viral ChatRoulette Singer Actually Ben Folds?

Interview with Emmett Malloy, director of the White Stripes doc, Under Great White Northern Lights

– Speaking of Jack White, he and Jay-Z are recording together because hey, why not? Break it out during a Bonnaroo superjam…?

The Hobbit will begin shooting in June in New Zealand

– Still sad I won’t be there this year, and The Pitchfork Guide to SXSW 2010 isn’t helping any

– The latest “Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis” has Ben Stiller as a guest