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Read This: The National’s anthems by Barbecue Bros
October 26, 2010, 2:00 pm
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You know I’m a sucker for any somewhat-lengthy article on my favorite band from the past 5 years, especially after seeing them a couple weeks back. Here’s one from yesterday from CNN:

Atlanta, Georgia (CNN) — The National’s rangy front man, Matt Berninger, is lying on a couch in a dressing room high in the historic Fox Theatre, beer in hand, feet kicked up, legs splayed, and, of course, sunglasses on.
As Berninger’s brother, Tom, videotapes us interviewing the singer and guitarist Aaron Dessner, we joke that Berninger’s acting like Joaquin Phoenix in “I’m Still Here,” but unlike David Letterman, we’re in on the joke.
This room has surely seen rock-star debauchery for decades, but, as Dessner chides Berninger for drinking so early (it’s about 5 p.m., post-sound check), it’s clear that Berninger is goofing around, and we’re not going to witness anything untoward that would cause us to stop rolling our cameras.

Berninger: “I’m just resting. Thank you for indulging me… I won’t be laying down on stage. Well, I might at one point.”
Dessner: “He’s an extremely lethargic individual. That’s the truth.”
Berninger: “I save it all for the field.”

Link (h/t Susong)


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