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Read This: How Pavement Became the Greatest Band of the Nineties This Year by Barbecue Bros
September 23, 2010, 8:33 am
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I saw them at Pitchfork earlier this year, but I’m really pumped to catch them in Atlanta this Sunday for a full set in a great venue, The Tabernacle. This is the true reunion show I’ve been waiting for all year, and I’ll be damned sure to bring my camera this time.

Pavement split up in 1999, announced some reunion shows last September, and spent the year since doing pretty much the same thing as Betty White: riding high on a wave of goodwill, fond memories, and free-floating cred. Tonight, they’ll play the first of a series of sold-out shows in Central Park. Before that came a best-of compilation, a GQ profile, a tour that took them from New Zealand to Norway, and Pitchfork’s recent list of the Top Tracks of the 1990s, on which their “Gold Soundz” placed No. 1. (Full disclosure: I was one of many people involved with that list.) Somehow, along the way, this much-loved indie staple’s reputation started to look a touch more like what Robert Christgau called them thirteen years ago: “the finest rock band of the ’90s.” Which is a funny thing, for a band whose ambitions to be Legendary and Important were audibly low — a band that’s been sauntering through this whole reunion with a characteristic shrug.

I also love this tidbit about Steven Malkmus, which was touched upon in Chuck Klosterman’s GQ article earlier this year:

The best way to get in touch with him about Pavement, says Nastanovich, is to propose a fantasy-league trade and slip a music question into the e-mail.


An now, a mini Pavement linkdown:

Pavement played “Gold Soundz” on “The Colbert Report” this past Monday night

– Link to some photos from their show at Central Park Summerstage from Tuesday

A bootleg for a recent show at the Williamsburg Waterfront


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