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Linkdown: 7/22/10 “Mad Men” edition by Barbecue Bros
July 22, 2010, 9:41 am
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Season 4 starts on Sunday!

Alan Sepinwall’s review has me quite excited for season 4

Interview with creator Matthew Weiner

In an episode last season, Roger performed “My Old Kentucky Home” in blackface at a country club. It was a moment — along with the John Deere tractor accident — that felt, to some fans, egregiously over-the-top. Did you get much flack for it?
I was surprised it didn’t polarize people more. That episode was all about class — decline and fall of the Roman empire, the decadence that goes on with the idle rich, with Roger being completely oblivious. The idea of shooting it was terrifying. And it was horrible to watch in person, in front of a crew. But we researched it and that stuff happened — the word “darkie” wasn’t even taken out of the song until 1986! We always have that on our side. [Laughs.] Viewers realized that it was in the realm of reality. And I just felt that if Roger did it with earnestness, and for his new wife, it would be okay. John [Slattery] was very brave to do it — thematically it meant so much for the show.

Interview with Elisabeth Moss (Peggy)

– Watch Betty Draper’s Guide to Parenting, which mostly consists of “Go upstairs!” and “Go watch tv!”

Some of the choicest (choiciest?) one-liners from the women of “Mad Men”

A dictionary of the signs and symbols of the show

– And finally, Flavorpill’s “Mad Men” drinking game


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