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Read This: Inside Pavement’s Reunion by Barbecue Bros
April 14, 2010, 2:46 pm
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Really cannot wait to finally see these guys in late September in Atlanta.

March 1, 2010: It was the night the coolest band ever officially became rock stars. Not because the drummer snorted his weight in Peruvian lady or because the guitarist named the first daughter from his third marriage after his second yacht. Those are things a rock star does, but they aren’t what make someone a rock star. You become a rock star when you can get onstage without adding anything new to your artistic legacy and still make thousands of people lose their minds. It’s adulation as ritual, expectations met as a matter of course.

It wasn’t that Pavement came off like cynical Mötley Crüe/Eagles clock-punchers when they played the Auckland Town Hall in New Zealand for the first show of the year’s reunion binge. Far from it. “I’ve been having anxiety dreams for six months,” guitarist Scott Kannberg told the crowd.



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Amazing. I’ll be seeing them at the Pitchfork Festival. Can’t wait!

Comment by Alex

I was gonna go to the PF before they announced this show. I am so stoked.

Comment by Tommy

i saw them live a couple days back. Loved it. here is the review.

Comment by wallernotweller

Nice review. Now it looks like I will be seeing them at Pitchfork after all. So two Pavement shows this year! I am so stoked.

Comment by Tommy

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