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Netflix Rundown: March 10 by Barbecue Bros

Truthfully, I spent the first half of the month finishing up “The Wire” (which I covered in last month’s rundown).

The Invention of Lying (2009
) – 7/10 – Great concept, but I felt it was a little lacking in execution. Though I will always check out something Ricky Gervais related, I was a little disappointed in the film.

Last Cup: The Road to the World Series of Beer Pong (2008)
– 6/10 – It’s interesting if you are interested in beer pong or have participated in a WSOBP (as I did this past year). Otherwise, a standard documentary with some mildly interesting characters who competed in the second WSOBP.

Last Year at Marienbad (1961)
– 8/10 – A formalist French New Wave film which focuses on mise-en-scene and editing rather than plot or dialog. It is very confusing to follow, so its one of those films that you just let wash over you and not analyze too hard. However, its one of those classics that I’m glad I watched – if only to say that I have done so.


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The Last Cup movie was kinda entertaining, it really made me want to goto the world series of beer pong in person but as a movie it was lacking. Those tables they use are boring too, my sister ordered a table from this site and they look much cooler in my opinion.

The invention of lying was a great concept for a movie and definitely delivered with the punch lines :) great date movie!

Comment by Michelle

The WSOBP is very well run but full of toolbags (if you couldn’t tell by the movie). It was an interesting experience.

Comment by Tommy

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