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Read This: R.I.P. The Tonight Show by Barbecue Bros
March 2, 2010, 1:19 pm
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I caught some of Jay Leno’s return to “The Tonight Show” last night. And it was awful. Beyond awful. Even still, I am not even as close to angry about it as Gabe from Videogum.

Obviously, there were plenty of expectations going into last night’s episode of the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. People were already upset by the simple fact of the show’s existence, as it was a painful* reminder of the Late Night Wars of just a few short month(s) ago. To many people, the firing of Conan O’Brien**, and the petulant crybaby “triumph” of Jay Leno was genuinely disheartening, and bewildering. Was a failing network in desperate need for an injection of fresh ideas seriously going to bank their future on a 60-year-old antique car enthusiast with a denim fetish? And Jay Leno’s impossibly obnoxious on-air promos did not help. You should get back to where you once belonged, Jay Leno, which is JAIL. But, so, some people (could have been anyone really, there’s no point in naming names) went into last night’s episode already expecting to dislike it. But even for these anti-Jay Leno mouth-foamers, it would have been impossible to anticipate just how bad this thing would be. It was surprising! What a dismal and depressing failure in American Entertainment. And what a sad and lonely death for the Tonight Show.

Also, I now get “Wire” references!

So the set is a low rent garbage disaster. It looks like Jay Leno walked into a dollar store and said “I’ll buy the whole store,” and the owner was like, “you don’t have enough money to do that. Here are some AAA batteries and a bouquet of silk flowers.” It’s basically Cutty’s Gym from The Wire, if Cutty was trying to keep kids out the game by teaching them how to do terribly unfunny interview segments.

It’s a good read all around.



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