telling minor stories to avoid a major one

Linkdown: 10/23/09 by Barbecue Bros

– The Life Feed’s 5-week fall report card for each major network; CBS tops the other networks thus far

“Top Chef Masters” gets a second go-round

The Hold Steady‘s Craig Finn and a Letterman writer are adapting Chuck Klosterman’s Fargo Rock City into a movie

– Speaking of Chuck Klosterman, Bill Simmons posted a two-part podcast featuring Chuck earlier this week that featured a lot of varied discussion on sports and pop culture (right sidebar)

– The apparently awful Miss March just shot up my Netflix queue, thanks to AV Club’s latest “I Watched This on Purpose” feature

– A couple of Tracy Morgan interviews: excerpts from Playboy and a segment from NPR’s “Fresh Air”

On his hobbies: “These days I’m into bike riding and breaking water. I like breaking women’s water. If you’re pregnant and you need your water broken, you need your labor induced, give me a call and I’ll ride my bike over and take care of it.”

– Hilarious: Happy One Week Anniversary, Bubble Boy

It is funny how Richard Heene was an avid storm chaser and now he has found himself in a MEDIA STORM! (Sorry.) But seriously, what a week, huh Heenes? Your family is basically ruined, you know. That’s sad. Although it’s probably for the best. You guys were too nuts! Nuts always finds its level. Level = jail. Nuts always finds its jail. I’m saying: go to jail. You’re driving us all crazy.


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