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Top 5: My favorite albums from 2006 by Barbecue Bros

Since this is officially the last year of “the oughts” or “the oh-oh’s” or whatever you want to call it, that means only one thing: we now need to figure out what we call the next decade (the teens, I guess?). It also means I need to figure out my top 50 or 100 or whatever albums of this decade.

This week its 2006, with the first repeat artist at the #1 spot. I will take a few weeks off before finishing up with 2007 and 2008.

1. TV on the Radio – Return to Cookie Mountain (Interscope) – My number one at the time, and still my number one for 2006. A great follow-up to Desperate Youths, Blood Thirsty Babes that shows more polish while incorporating a lot of different sounds and rhythms.

2. Band of Horses – Everything All the Time (Sub Pop) – I struggled with possibly putting this album at number one for 2006 before ultimately going with my original pick. Everything All the Time is a wonderful indie rock debut that takes influence from My Morning Jacket, Neil Young, and Flaming Lips. I have so many songs I love on this one – “The First Song”, “The Great Salt Lake”, “Funeral”, “Weed Party”, “Monsters”, and “St. Augustine.”

3. Clipse – Hell Hath No Fury (Re-Up Gang/Zomba) – The second album took four years after the debut Lord Willin’ due to a label dispute, but the result is a monster of an album. In addition to fierce crack rap anthems, production is a highlight of the album, with duties wholly handled by the Neptunes.

4. Belle and Sebastian – The Life Pursuit (Matador)The Life Pursuit finds Stuart Murdoch as the indisputable leader of B&S, and the result is an eclectic album that dabbles in 70’s AM rock, glam, R&B, and Motown.

5. Spank Rock – YoYoYoYoYo (Big Dada) – A banger of a party album that introduced me to the Baltimore sound. Rapper Naeem Juwan and producer XXXChange create an album brimming with sex and bass and old school rap anthems.

Others receiving votes: Phoenix – It’s Never Been Like That (Source), Girl Talk – Night Ripper (Illegal Art), Tapes ‘n Tapes – The Loon (XL), Liars – Drums Not Dead (Mute)


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