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Tuesday Trailers: 10/6/09 by Barbecue Bros
October 6, 2009, 10:24 am
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Modern Warfare 2 – The highly anticipated video game sequel is just about a month away. ZOMG can’t wait.

Up in the Air – The second trailer, which provides a little more insight compared to the first trailer that was more of a teaser with a voiceover by George Clooney. Looks pretty darn good.

Red Cliff – John Woo’s latest film is an asian epic, complete with huge battle scenes and beautiful cinematography. Though the film has been out for some time, it is just now getting to the US (albeit in a 2.5 hour version compared to the 4 hour version in China), and here is the first US trailer. According to Slashfilm, “the film is a retelling of the battle of Red Cliff during the Han dynasty in ancient China, and is based upon the historical text Chronicles of the Three Kingdoms.” I would imagine this would look amazing on the big screen or on Blu-ray.


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Up in the Air may be my most anticipated movie of the year.

Comment by Dan B.

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