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Netflix Rundown: September 09 by Barbecue Bros

* indicates movies watched instantly

The Field (1990)
– 7/10 – The second film of Jim Sheridan (My Left Foot) about an unrelenting farmer who covets a field his family has farmed for generations, but does not actually own. In swoops a wealthy American (Tom Berenger) who wants to buy the field and create a highway. Things go horribly wrong when they confront the man.

Super High Me (2007)*
– 7/10 – Doug Benson’s take on Morgan Spurlock’s Super Size Me, where first he goes 30 days sober and then goes 30 days smoking weed every day. Its a mostly harmless, somewhat amusing documentary about Doug and his standup until the last 15 minutes where it becomes kind of a proponent for a state’s right to legally have medical marijuana shops (shown to footage of various ones being raided by the DEA). There are several cameos from Benson’s comedian friends, such as Zach Galifianakis, Patton Oswalt, Bob Odenkirk, and Sarah Silverman.

The Last Emperor (1987) – 7/10
–  Bernardo Bertulucci’s epic story about the Pu Yi, the child emperor from 1908 until the Chinese revolution in 1911 when he had to abdicate. It won 9 Oscars (every one it was nominated for), and was the first film to receive permission to film in the Forbidden City. Beautifully shot and mostly interesting, but a bit long at 163 minutes.

The Karate Kid (1984)* – 7/10
– Probably the first time I’ve actually watched the whole movie start to finish, in preparation of my Mr. Miyagi costume for Halloween this year. Other than that, it’s The Karate Kid, not much more I can say. Elisabeth Shue was super cute.

Taken (2008) – 8/10
– Qui-Gon goes ape shit on a bunch of  terrorists who kidnapped his daughter. Like a boss.

Twilight (2008) – 5/10
– Decided to see what all the fuss was about after I enjoyed Kristen Stewart’s performance in Adventureland. It was what I thought it would be. Decent soundtrack.

Currently have out:
Sugar (2008)
The Girlfriend Experience (2009)
Michael Clayton (2007)


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The Karate Kid deserves at least 9 stars. Such a classic. Great soundtrack too!

Comment by Dan B.

Did you get your costume?

Comment by Kenny

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