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Linkdown: 9/8/09 Happy Beatles Rock Band Day by Barbecue Bros
September 8, 2009, 10:04 am
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– Chuck Klosterman reviews the new Beatles box set

– Expect a bunch of high scores as Pitchfork reviews Please Please Me, With the Beatles, Beatles for Sale, A Hard Day’s Night

– Michael Ausiello has a cheat sheet of when fall tv shows start

– Speaking of which, TV Club’s fall tv schedule; their recaps are highly recommended if they do a show you happen to watch

– The latest Kid Cudi jam “Pursuit of Happiness” features Ratatat production and MGMT vox

Profile of Jonathan Ames, author and creator of the upcoming HBO series “Bored to Death” starring Jason Schwarzman and Zach Galifianakis

The first time I met Ames, I had not yet read about his genital wart, nor the time he smoked crack with a transsexual on Christmas Day, nor the time he spanked a German tourist outside the Holocaust memorial in Battery Park while she sucked on his thumb, nor the time he shit his pants in the south of France (as chronicled in the essay “I Shit My Pants in the South of France”). The difficulty of interviewing Ames, I soon learn, is that there are few things you can ask him that he hasn’t already answered, in print. His first time? “My first sexual experience with a woman was rather old-fashioned: It was with a prostitute” (“The Playboys of Northern New Jersey”). His sexual prowess as a callow youth? “What I would do back then is string together three or four premature ejaculations and hope that it added up to a satisfying session for the young lady” (“I Called Myself El Cid”).

Thom Yorke confirms new 12″


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Err, day before Beatles Rock Band Day

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