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Netflix Rundown: August 09 by Barbecue Bros

* indicates movies watched instantly

Fever Pitch (1997)* – 6/10 – After reading the book by Nick Hornby a few weeks back, naturally I would be interested in the film adaptation. And it’s ok – it stars Colin Firth as the protaganist obsessed with soccer (football) to the point of affecting his relationships and regular life (it’s nothing like the lad film the above poster makes it out to be). I guess its tough to make a film out of a book recounting the big moments in Hornby’s life set to Arsenal soccer, so the producers went the romantic comedy route (as did the Farrelly brothers did for their baseball adaptation). I can’t see anyone else watching this but fans of the book.

Watchmen (2009) – 5/10 – An overly long, pretentious mess. But what was up with the song choices in the film? Zach Snyder regular ruins scenes in the movie with music that either doesn’t make sense or just plain doesn’t work in the context of the scene.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End (2007) – 4/10 – Absolutely awful, and I could rate it even lower. Was never a fan of the series, but this was disappointing considering the first one was a fun popcorn flick and the second one wasn’t completely awful.

Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist (2008)* – 5/10 – A film that tries to be way too cute but has a nice indie soundtrack. A couple of semi-interesting cameos from Seth Myers, Devendra Banhart, and Andy Samberg.

Tyson (2009) – 8/10 – This documentary mixes recent Mike Tyson interviews by director James Toback with archival footage of his fights. Interestingly, the only “narration” is the use of the Tyson interviews, in which he is very candid about his life – growing up in a troubled neighborhood, his rise to the top of the boxing world at age 19, his infidelities and drug use, his rape conviction, and the famous ear incident with Evander Holyfield, among other subjects. Definitely recommended.

Adventureland (2009) – 9/10 – Director Greg Mottola’s follow up to Superbad, though not in anyway related to Judd Apatow. It’s a coming of age story of Jesse Eisenberg’s character James after he has graduated from college and is stuck working a dead end summer job at a theme park at home (instead of travelling Europe as he had planned). Kristen Stewart is the romantic interest and gives a great performance that actually makes me want to check out other movies with her (including friggin Twilight). The movie has great heart and a strong supporting performance from Martin Starr as well as some funny scenes with Bill Hader and Kristin Wiig. Also, Zach Snyder should take note of the use of music in this film.

Currently have out:
The Last Emperor (1987)
The Field (1990)

Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991)

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Can you start noting which of these you got the actual disk to and which are on demand?

Also, I have “She’s just not into you” on the way. No, I’m not kidding.

Comment by Kenny

Good idea. I’ve updated the post with asterisks to indicate those.

I have She’s Just Not That Into You at about 4 or 5 on my queue. No shame in my game, either.

Comment by Tommy

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