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Tuesday Trailers: 7/28/09 awful movie edition by Barbecue Bros
July 28, 2009, 10:03 am
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The Prodigy – Serious question: was this made on a Sega Saturn circa 2000? The graphics are hilariously awful, it looks to be a blatant ripoff of Kung Fu Panda, and the voiceover is shitty to the max. Needless to say, this may end up in my Netflix queue in the very near future.

Birdemic: Shock and Terror – I love how this teaser tries to “create atmosphere” for the first minute-plus before showing “the birdemic” which basically has the same effect as a computer going into “screensaver mode.” WTF, the birds in the background don’t even “move across the screen.” And the “sound effects” of the bombs or “whatever the birds are shooting” (wait what?) sound like they had Foley artists mic a pellet gun.

Labor Pains – You may recognize this movie as being the Lindsay Lohan movie that was not in theaters and went straight to ABC Family recently. And ok so this trailer was intercut with some photos of Linday’s real life, thus the name of the video being “The Truths of Labor Pains” and isn’t the real, actual trailer. But it is real hilarious. Nice job, fourfour.

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