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Top 5: 7/24/09 summer tv edition by Barbecue Bros

Everyone knows summer tv can be a drag, and it can be a good time to catch up on Netflix or even *gasp* get out of the house. However, in recent years many networks have been moving away from the summer reruns model and more towards original programming. Here are a couple of shows I’m currently watching this summer while I wait for “Mad Men” and “Dexter.”

1. Better Off Ted (Tuesdays 9:30pm, ABC) – This show was created by Victor Fresco, who previously created the extremely underrated “Andy Richter Controls the Universe” and stars Jay Harrington and Portia de Rossi. It occupies some of the same space as Office Space or “The Office” when it comes to mining humor out of office politics and the office environment. Most of the episodes have laugh out loud moments, with “Racial Sensitivity” has been a standout episode thus far.

2. Three Sheets (Monday 10pm, Fine Living) – After MOJO got shitcanned last December, “Three Sheets” was eventually picked up by the Fine Living Network and began airing a new season this past Monday. And it is still basically the same show, with host Zane Lamprey, mascot Pleepleus, and the same sound effects still present. The only downside is that it is not available in HD. Thankfully, Zane looks much better healthwise than he did in the latter part of the last season.

3. No Reservations (Monday 10pm, Travel Channel) – While sometimes I find Anthony Bourdain to be overly pompous and arrogant, he does make for good tv whether its as a judge on “Top Chef” or on his own show. His foul mouth tends to keep it lively as he travels to exotic locations and eats local food.

4. Michael & Michael Have Issues (Wednesday 10:30pm, Comedy Central) – From “The State” to “Viva Variety” to Wet Hot American Summer to “Stella” (and to a lesser extent “Reno! 911”), I’ve been a fan of this comedy troupe for a long time now. Honestly, I could watch the premise of Michael Showalter and Michael Ian Black hilariously bicker and argue for a while before I get sick of it.

5. Big Brother (3x per week, CBS) – While I don’t think its as trashy or boring as some people may assert, it is definitely a guilty pleasure. Thankfully, I don’t have Showtime this summer so I won’t be staying up until 3am some nights watching the live feed.


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