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Matt Susong’s 10 Essentials by Barbecue Bros
June 19, 2009, 1:24 pm
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From guest writer Matt Susong:

1. Blackberry – A constant companion for three years, I obsessively check this thing. But honestly I could be switching to an iPhone soon. I cant get Twitter or Facebook to work properly, it doesn’t have a camera, and its pretty bulky comparatively.

2. – Shameless plug. But honestly with my job’s “no surfing” policy this is the perfect way to stealthily stay apprised of all the cool happenings out there without coasting from site to site. It helps that Two Guns and I have similar taste – with a few exceptions (Music -sometimes too highbrow; Movies – sometimes too low brow.) Now if only he covered sports and fashion (not in that order)…

3. Pandora Radio – The only thing on Earth that enables me to say “Hey Tommy have you heard of (insert random band)? No? Hm.” But seriously, this thing rules so hard. And even the limited song skip feature is strangely endearing.

4. P90X – The best workout I’ve found. Period. I was bored with triathlon training workouts and wanted to lift weights again. Problem was I could never keep intensity during weight training. This solved that in spades.

5. The West Wing – Like an old friend at this point. After seeing some of these episode 15-16 times, I still find inspiration in everything as large as each episodes themes and as small as minor character’s mannerisms. I sometimes go to work and try to act out a certain character for an entire day. CJ is the hardest to nail. I’m just gonna stop talking now…

6. Distressed Brown Lace Ups – This year’s no socks boat shoe-look for me. For you. Looks great dressed up or down. Perfect.

7. JV Eye Serum/Clear Eyes
– Even after overcoming a ridiculous 6 month bout of insomnia, I still don’t sleep much. These two in combination are a life saver and help you look like you got 8 hours instead of 4. During a trip to Vegas, my buddies made fun of me for using “eye cream.” They all were borrowing the stuff by the end of the trip.

8. Hendrick’s Gin – Don’t get me wrong, I love beer and I love wine, but this is my luxury drink of choice. Thank god I can’t afford too much of this. That would be such trouble. Who wants a drink?

9. My Favorite Suits – Can you ever really go wrong wearing a badass suit? I really don’t think so. My two favorites are both pinstriped in grey and navy and work for all occasions and seasons. Its also just fun to wear a suit on a Friday when everyone else is in jeans.

10. Leather Notebook – I was given this as a departing gift from my boss at John Varvatos several years ago. I randomly brought it to work when I didn’t have any pads at my place or work and immediately received several comments on it. Now my usual work notebook. It’s the little things people.


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You know that they do make blackberries with cameras that aren’t too bulky and that work with Twitter/Facebook (and Pandora!), right?

Comment by Kenny

Also, you can get a new phone after about 2 years. You don’t have to wait 4 years between phones.

Comment by Tommy

Kenny, I think Susong likes things “distressed” including his blackberry. Solid effort overall. That eye serum really is the shit though.

Comment by Avent

Also, I wouldn’t hold your breath on any coverage of sports or fashion

Comment by Tommy

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Comment by macromedia

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