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Bonnaroo packing by Barbecue Bros
June 10, 2009, 2:42 pm
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Bonnaroo, originally uploaded by twoguns.

Leaving later this night, so just finishing up my packing this afternoon…

1. Air mattress w/ battery operated air pump – the battery air pump is clutch
2. Keen waterproof sandal/shoe hybrid – purchases from a REI yardsale for $20 – functional!
3. NC State hat – represent
4. Wash cloth, towel – not that I will be taking a shower anyways
5. Bedsheet – for number 1
6. Extra TP – apparently a must-bring
7. Camping lantern – borrowing from my brother – shhh
8. SPF 15 sunscreen – so I won’t peel in two weeks
9. Nalgene – will mostly be used for bathing, maybe some drinking too
10. Rinseless body wash – we’ll see how this works
11. Rinseless shampoo – ditto
12. Gold Bond powder – you never know when you will need to bond
13. Backup sunglasses – prob won’t wear them cause I like my other ones too much
14. Backup batteries for my camera
15. Trail Mix – for snacking
16. Backup chap stick – essential if you know me
17. Bandanna – I don’t know that I am a guy who can pull off a bandanna, but I intend to find out!
18. Clif bars – my breakfast each day
19. Gum – so I won’t get “Bonnaroo breath”
20. Bonnaroo FAQ – kind of pointless now
21. Ticket – duh!
22. Car charger for my phone – so I can tweet as much as I want
23. Backup digital camera – just in case


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Love it. Its like a game. Next you should make a connect the dots version.

Comment by Avent

You spent too much time on this.

If #s 10 and 11 work, I may be in next time…

Comment by Kenny

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