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Linkdown: 5/12/09 by Barbecue Bros
May 12, 2009, 11:11 am
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More Intelligent Life asks “Is Banksy Over?” (via Material Interest)

– Spike Jonze launches an art/culture/Where the Wild Things Are blog (via Vulture)

A short interview of Natasha Khan of Bats for Lashes

– NY Mag has an article on “the unique charm of ‘Parks and Recreation’

An interview with Michael Emerson of “Lost” that I’m probably not going to read in case I accidentally spoil the finale on Wednesday

– AV Club also has a list of entertainment inspired by real life divorce including:

2. The Squid And The Whale
Though Noah Baumbach insists that The Squid And The Whale isn’t nearly as autobiographical as it seems, it’s definitely modeled on the marriage and break-up of his parents, Village Voice film critic Georgia Brown and novelist Jonathan Baumbach. But it speaks well of the film’s thoroughly convincing texture and story (it can’t really be said to have a plot) that people believe Baumbach couldn’t have come up with this stuff on his own. Using 16mm grain to make it seem as if he’s filming in ’80s Park Slope, not just recreating it, Baumbach isn’t focused so much on the squabbling parents as on their oldest son, played by Jesse Eisenberg. The problem isn’t dealing with the divorce; it’s just that the process accelerates certain inevitable realizations about his parents (viz., his beloved dad is actually an asshole). On first viewing, it’s painful, but it gets funnier with repeat viewings, the same way bad memories scar over and turn into anecdotes.

Here’s the scoop on the “Digital IMAX” BS that AMC and Regal theaters have been trying to pull and that Aziz Ansari is furiously rallying against

– For the next couple of days, the Sigur Ros 48-minute featurette “We Play Endlessly” is playing at so catch it while you can


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