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Top 5: 5/1/09 by Barbecue Bros
May 1, 2009, 2:01 pm
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It’s been quite a few weeks since I’ve done this…

1. Palladia HD (link) – For me for you, MHD (Palladia’s predecessor) was kind of a waste – it had some HD concerts it would show over and over again and that was about it. Then last fall it turned into Palladia and its programming improved dramatically. They have more concerts of bands (possibly just because they’ve had more time to acquire them) I want to see and they play some great music-related movies. In the past month, I’ve rewatched The Last Waltz and finally saw Monterey Pop Festival for the first time after several years of interest. Hopefully they will continue to bring more great music-related movies in addition to adding to their library of HD concerts.

2. “The Tick” Live Action Series (link) – I don’t know why I only now just got around to watching this – I’ve been a Tick fan for years and have seen all of the cartoon episodes at least twice. I was never able to catch this on tv while I was in college and it only lasted about nine episodes, but its been out on DVD for several years. In any case, using Netflix’s Watch Instantly feature on my Xbox I went through the whole series a few weeks back. Besides the use of MS Comic Sans (wtf), I found it to be pretty damned funny while staying true to the comics and cartoon. Patrick Warburton is pretty spot-on as The Tick, and it even has Richard Alpert as Batmanuel (the Die Fledermaus character).

3. Canon SX110 IS Digital Camera (link) – I realized I wanted a new digital camera a few weeks back. While my 3.5 year old Canon SD400 still works perfectly fine, initially I wanted to get a DSLR to take better shots. After some research, I decided that a “megazoom” camera with some manual settings would probably be the most logical (not to mention cheaper) option. Ideally, I wanted a camera with a nice zoom so I could take better photos at concerts or events where I might be far away. The SX110 has a good zoom (10x) and is a 9MP camera, which was pretty much perfect for what I was looking for. I’ve been very happy with the photos I have taken thus far from the Death Cab for Cutie/Cold War Kids and Vampire Weekend concerts. It even takes decent video. I just wish I had made this purchase prior to my trip to Ireland in February (though I was mostly happy with those photos taken with my old camera).

4. All these Phoenix remixes (links below) –
1901 (Ivan Beck Dub) – a dub take on the song
1901 (The Tremulance Remix) – now with skittery beats!
Lisztomania (Classixx Remix) – only available at their myspace now; a downtempo take on the original

5. Empire of the Sun – We Are the People (The Golden Filter Remix) (link) – Another mp3: why not? Possibly even more gayer than the original (but in a good way!)


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