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Seriously Serious Concert No. 7: Kings of Leon/The Walkmen, 4/30/09 by Barbecue Bros
May 1, 2009, 3:54 pm
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What is it these days with shows starting on time? You used to be able to count on at between fifteen and thirty minutes after the posted time for the opener to take stage, if not longer. However, for the past couple of shows, the openers have started pretty much at the time listed on the tickets. Now I’m not going to complain, since I generally value promptness in all facets of my life. That is, until they (“they” being bands) revert back to the ways of starting half an hour after the posted show time and I’m twiddling my thumbs and drinking more warm $7 beer than I anticipated.

Thankfully we learned our lesson and got to Bojangles Coliseum (apparently nicknamed the “Bo-Round”; really?) right at 7:30 just in time to hear The Walkmen starting their set. We grabbed our beers and made our way to our seats, stage right about halfway up the arena. Now, I am a Walkmen fan, so I could enjoy the songs through the bad sound mix (at least for us in the seats) but I can see how people could have been turned off by the sound of the band through that mix. In any case, it was a pretty tight set lasting only about half an hour that hit “The Rat” and several songs off the latest album You & Me and closed with the Telling Minor Stories-approved ”The New Year.” No “We’ve Been Had” though, so that was disappointing.

Now at this point, we are coveting getting down to the floor before Kings of Leon. After a failed attempt to bumrush an open door and run into the pit, we do some reconnaissance work and realize general admission ticket holders were marked with red sharpie on their hands and tickets as they entered the arena. Susong and I were ready to give up, but not Mary Ellen. She sweet talks a janitor into meeting up with us at 9pm with a  red sharpie to fake our way into the pit. After the first two songs of the Kings of Leon set, we head to the predetermined meeting spot (this was some serious spy-level shit) and the guy actually shows up! With a red sharpie! Before we know it, we are on the floor! Way to hook it up, Mary Ellen! We give a heads text up to Kenny, who is on his way from the airport (and as luck would have it has a red sharpie in his computer bag) and make our way as close as possible without being obnoxious about it.

Somehow, Kings of Leon have become a big, hotshit band since I started following them circa Aha Shake Heartbreak (they even have a cover band, Knights of Leon, in Ireland). They didn’t quite sell out the arena, but apparently there was in the neighborhood of 5,000 people there to see them, which kind of blows my mind for Charlotte. Among a couple of guys, we had quite a debate leading up to the concert on whether or not they’ve simply evolved their sound over the years (from Southern rock revivalists to big, arena band-with-southern-roots) or simply sold out. In any case, they’ve got some great songs that sounded pretty damn good in an arena (even those from their earlier albums) and we had a blast.

Sadly, I missed “Charmer” while I was in the beer line and they didn’t play “McFearless.” No “Soft” either, but I always knew that was probably not likely. Their set lasted about an hour and spanned all four albums (only one from Youth and Young Manhood, “Molly’s Chambers” though) before taking a short break and coming back for a five song encore. Susong nailed the encore opener – “Closer” and I got the “Knocked Up” I was hoping for.

My only complaint on the night was that we weren’t able to get closer to the stage. However, considering we weren’t even supposed to be on the floor at all, I’ll take what I can get. Another solid Seriously Serious concert.

Sadly, I didn’t feel like lugging my camera into the show, so no photos only the two photos from my cellphone above

Next up: The National at the end of May in Raleigh; so zomg pumped for the show

Setlist, courtesy of Creative Loafing

Taper Jean Girl
My Party
Be Somebody
Molly’s Chambers
Four Kicks
Sex on Fire
The Bucket
On Call
Cold Desert
Use Somebody
Slow Night, So Long

Knocked Up
Black Thumbnail


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