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Bookdown: No. 5 by Barbecue Bros
April 6, 2009, 12:52 pm
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5. Love Monkey by Kyle Smith (2005, 336pp) – I first heard about Love Monkey a few years ago when I caught the few episodes of the tv show that aired on CBS before it was cancelled. That show started Tom Cavanaugh as Tom Farrell, but changed his occupation from a tabloid writer in the book to an A&R rep for a record label in the tv show. The show was a little contrived and only lasted 3 or so episodes before being cancelled.

The book follows Tom Farrell’s romantic escapades in NYC as an early 30-something manchild (a self-aware manchild, but a manchild nonetheless). He dates around with various girls of various ages he meets through work or mutual friends and ultimately ends up the same way he started. Kyle Smith is a pretty funny writer, though with an informal style of prose that was really invented after the advent of instant messenging and texting (though Tom oddly enough doesn’t have a cell phone at the start of the book) that can be a little frustrating to read at times. Since the book takes place in NYC in the year 2001, it does deal with 9/11 a little bit (an unexpected turn) but its primary focus is on the relationships with women the narrator has over a few months period. Love Monkey was certainly an entertaining and mostly quick read that I’d recommend if you’ve read all the Klosterman books (like Klosterman, Smith writes with an informed sense of pop culture).

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