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SXSW 2009: Kenny’s trip report by Kenny
March 24, 2009, 1:31 pm
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[Editor’s note: I just got back in town today and will be posting photos and some recaps over the next couple of days. In the meantime, here is Kenny’s trip report…]

Friday, day

Bands seen: These United States, The Thermals, The Hold Steady

Highlight: The Hold Steady definitely rocked it out. It was relatively crowded, but Twoguns and I got in easily and were able to elbow our way right up front. Top moments of the set were “Magazines,” “Party Pit,” and of course “Stuck between Stations.”

Lowlight: The chick bass player from The Thermals had some serious pit hair. Gross. Oh, and Patron shots were $9 at Mohawk…should’ve stuck with PBR.

What I would change: I would’ve stayed to see the whole set of These United States. They were the first band we say and were very good. They ended up being my favorite band that I had no prior knowledge of.

Alcohol count: One tequila shot, four (?) beers

Friday, evening

Bands seen: The Hard Lessons, TV/TV

Highlight: Unfortunately, every place we tried to go seemed to be impossible to get in to, so then we stumbled into some bar in time to see TV/TV go on. After about 15 minutes of mic checks, they were actually pretty good.

Lowlight: The Hard Lessons were terrible. I hated this band. They were too loud, too obnoxious, too self-indulgent, and their songs sucked. Plus it cost $8 to get in. Lamesauce.

What I would change: We waiting in line for The Hold Steady for a bit and then eventually bailed. I think we definitely should’ve stayed as we probably would’ve gotten in.

Alcohol count: Two tequila shots, three (?) beers

Saturday, day

Bands seen: The Vivian Girls, Jason Lytle, Cursive

Highlight: Honestly, probably a lunch at a place Avent dubbed “Top of Austin” – a nice Tex Mex place with a great upstairs patio. Jason Lytle was really good, as well.

Lowlight: The Vivian Girls: They weren’t really all that awful, but the have maybe the worst lead singer ever. Shouldn’t all-chick bands be able to find at least on cute chick that can sing to be their front person?

What I would change: We initially were trying to get into Rachel Ray’s showcase, but the line was ridonk. We eventually ended up at an outdoor festival type place with a couple of stages. While I was glad to see Jason Lytle, this was a little tough on gingers. Add that to $5 beers and I think I’ll stay inside next year…

Alcohol count: One mojito, one margarita, three tequila shots, two (?) beers

Saturday, evening

Bands seen: Fastball, Beach House, The Cannabanoids featuring Erykah Badu, Explosions in the Sky

Highlight: Easily the highlight of the whole trip was the Explosions in the Sky set. I was a little unsure of how they were going to be live since there’s no singing along, but they totally rocked it. It was an awesome set that didn’t go on near long enough. An extensive fireworks show started up just as they wrapped the set. Plus I got a big laugh from my “I can’t hear the vocals” joke. Bonus.

Lowlight: Nothing really to be upset about here. Erykah Badu was late, so the Cannabanoids played without her, which was relatively lame, but when she came out, it was awesome. Unfortunately, she only sang two songs, so I would’ve loved to hear more. There was this weird act with two dudes, one guitar, and a few puppets going on when we got there, and it was terrible, but it ended shortly after we arrived.

What I would change: My small bladder. Having to leave in the middle of the EITS set was uber-lame, but fortunately I was able to find a spot almost as good when I got back.

Alcohol count: three (?) beers

Saturday, night

Bands seen: The Mae Shi

Highlight: A friend got me into the VIP section of Mohawk, which was pretty cool. The Mai Shi were decent, but not great. I’m not even sure that’s the band I saw…

Lowlight: Getting to Stubb’s to see a huge line for Third Eye Blind and the Indigo Girls. Coming back after Indigo Girls to find out Third Eye Blind was going to cost $20 to see. Maybe come out with a new hit song during the current decade and I’ll consider paying $20 to come see you.

What I would change: Nothing really – we ended up going back to the hotel somewhat early, but it had been a long day.

Alcohol count: One PBR

Lessons learned:

  • Don’t try to squeeze in everything – there’s too much going on. Pick a bar that seems like it’s going to be good and go with it.

  • Blow it out during the day. The day parties are way better.

  • If you’re enjoying a band, stick out the set.

  • Find the free alcohol.

All in all, a great trip. Can’t wait til next year!


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Tequila is poison. Don’t drink it.

Comment by Sean's Daddy

If you thought The Mae Shi were decent but not great, then you definitely didn’t see The Mae Shi. It must’ve been someone else. Glad to hear you enjoyed These United States!

Comment by sarahana

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