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Thursday Music Videos: 3/12/09 Ryan Adams edition by Barbecue Bros
March 12, 2009, 11:13 am
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In honor of seeing Ryan Adams (ahem, The Cardinals Featuring Ryan Adams) tonight in Columbia, SC for possibly the last time ever, here’s an all Ryan Adams edition of Thursday Music Videos.

Ryan Adams – “Halloweenhead” -The bizarre video, possibly originating from Sweden. Guitar solo!

Ryan Adams and the Cardinals – “Fix It” – From his performance on Letterman last fall. This has become my favorite song off Cardinology, which I hadn’t listened to nearly enough until recently. Love the guitars.

Ryan Adams – “So Alive” – I don’t know if I’ve ever seen the original video (UPDATE: unable to embed it, but available at the link; below is a performance on Letterman). Interesting video visually, from a time when the music label probably wasn’t sure how to market him after Rock N Roll. Great chorus.

Ryan Adam – “To Be Young (Is to Be Sad, Is to Be High)” – An acoustic version from Jamaica off the Music In High Places DVD from a few years back.


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Sometimes “So Alive” is my favorite Ryan Adams song. Fix the link, please…

Comment by Kenny

For some reason, Universal won’t let me embed the original video, but its linked in the post. I instead posted a Letterman performance of the song from a few years ago.

Comment by twoguns

Very good performance of the song, though.

Comment by twoguns

I just made a playlist with every Ryan Adams song that I have ever told anyone is my favorite RA song. It has 14 songs on it.

So pumped for tonight…

Comment by Kenny

Yea, I’m pump….of wait. You guys didn’t invite me to your little “Ohhh, I love Ryan Adams more than youuuu” party. We’ll see how you like it when I score frat tickets to Coachella and I’m like “ohhh…high point suuuucks” ….FUCK YOU!.

Comment by Avent

Can I curse on your website?

Comment by Avent

If you remember, we did invite you but you were all “Ohhh I’m sorry I can’t go because I have to work a molo convention in Dallas that week.”

As far as the cursing, I’m in good with the blog moderator so I will see what I can do.

Comment by twoguns

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