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62% down to 24% by Barbecue Bros
February 28, 2009, 6:52 pm
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LAM is still adjusting to the time switch from Ireland to the US (it took me one 11 hour sleep the night we got back), so we got up early-ish today and I rocked through some DVR (re: post title) I missed from the past week in Ireland. A few stray thoughts:

Friday Night Lights – GD I love this show so much. If it takes another financing deal with DirecTV and NBC not getting it until next January, I don’t care. LAM watched the series during Thanksgiving break at her parent’s house and hasn’t been taping it on NBC, but after watching the past two episodes she has decided to start watching it eventhough she just watched the season 2 months ago. As long as I know this show is on, I have faith in network tv.

The Soup – I can’t stress how much I enjoy this show. I don’t even care that its not HD (and I rarely watch non-HD programming). Kenny said one of Bill Simmons’ latest podcasts features host Joel McHale, so I need to get on that stat. Joel – please come do stand up in Charlotte. Please.

Dollhouse – Ever since I watched the short-lived Joss Whedon series Firefly on Netflix last year, I am a strong believer in all things Whedon. This show is starting to come around on me, though who knows if it will get a chance to find its voice in a Friday night timeslot. Not really a huge Eliza Dushku fan coming in, but she is nice on the eyes. Also, Ms. Cross from Rushmore is in this.



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