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Linkdown: 2/16/09 by Barbecue Bros
February 16, 2009, 1:10 pm
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– After going 5-for-5 in last year’s Oscars, Stephen Colbert once again uses the DaColbert Code to predict this year’s Oscar winners

Behind the scenes of the Independent Spirit Awards

– AV Club has 30 songs about various body parts

– They’ve also got a feature on (interestingly enough) The Limey commentary track as part of the new cult canon

But even by his high standards, Soderbergh’s commentary with screenwriter Lem Dobbs on 1999’s The Limey is something special, a heated feature-length argument that couldn’t be further from the ego-stroking sycophancy of most tracks. It’s a case study in what happens to a script after it’s run through the sausage factory of production; even with a sympathetic director at the helm—Soderbergh championed Dobbs’ script for Kafka before making it his second feature, and the two remain friends—the writer will always get the shaft in the end. That’s why writers tend to be miserable cranks, and Dobbs is as cranky as they come; for his part, Soderbergh is magnanimous enough to take his licks and give a little back in return.

– Tina McFey responds to allegations on whether the prominent McFlurry product placement in last week’s 30 Rock was intentional

M.I.A. finally had a baby boy on Wednesday 2/11!

Diplo‘s guest list on Pitchfork

The deets on the Silversun Pickups‘ sophomore album Swoon


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