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Lists! 2008: Albums 20-11 by Barbecue Bros
January 7, 2009, 11:01 am
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Continuing today with albums 20-11. The top 10 will be posted tomorrow.

20. Peter Broderick – Home (Hush)
The part-time Efterklang-er’st first album with vocals. Beautiful and haunting folk music.

19. Department of Eagles – In Ear Park (4AD)
This is really my first extended listen to any of the Grizzly Bear camp. A lush, different sounding album for me, though it does make a ton of sense being on 4AD. 

18. The Death Set – Worldwide (Counter)
Bratty, abrasive punk. Which I think we all need every once in a while. 

17. White Denim – Workout Holiday (Full Time Hobby)
A spastic debut from the Austin, TX trio which is kinda mathy, kinda punky, kinda post-punky, and kinda garage-y. 

16. No Age – Nouns (Sub Pop)
Noise-punk with kind of a lo-fi bent. 

15. Oxford Collapse – Bits (Sub Pop)
I usually group Oxford Collapse and No Age together because they are on Sub Pop and have a similar sound, albeit with Oxford Collapse being a little more pop. Of the two albums from 2008, I prefer Bits for this reason.

14. Empire of the Sun – Walking on a Dream (EMI)
Combining members of The Sleepy Jackson and PNAU, think of Empire of the Sun as sort of a more disco, Aussie version of MGMT. “Walking on a Dream” is probably my song of the year. 

13. Sigur Rós – Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust (XL)
If Sigur Rós were content to continue making the same music they’ve been making for four albums, you wouldn’t hear a complaint from me. Instead, they mix it up on their latest album – “Gobbldigook” sounds like a lost Animal Collective track, “Inní Mér Syngur Vitleysingur” is a sunny song with a pounding beat, and on “All Alright” Jonsi actually sings in english. There are still moments of classic Sigur Rós beauty, but I’m also glad they continue to evolve.

12. The Hold Steady – Stay Positive (Vagrant)
Except for the questionable “Both Crosses,” Stay Positive is pretty much the perfect soundtrack for a summer cookout with cooked meat and cheap beer (say, “High Life”).

11. Bon Iver – For Emma, Forever Ago (Jagjaguwar)
Bon Iver, at least on this album, sound like I always wished Iron & Wine would sound. For Emma, Forever Ago is an album of hushed, romantic folk music perfect for a rainy day. It’s also kind of cool to me that it was mixed in Raleigh, North Carolina.


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“It’s also kind of cool to me that it was mixed in Raleigh, North Carolina.”

And where the additional instrumentation was recorded as well. At where? Osceola Studios….where the Clefs record…..coincidence? Why, lets hope so.

Comment by Susong

Is there like a Netflix of music I should check out, or do you purchase all of these albums? Or do you (il) legally download these guys?

Comment by Avent

Well there’s always emusic or itunes or various music blogs. Or just search “mediafire + album name” on google.

Comment by twoguns

[…] The Hold Steady  – “Stay Positive” – This is the band I am personally most excited about seeing, hopefully more than once. This is the title track off their latest album, which I highly recommend (FYI, twoguns ranked it the #12 album of 2008). […]

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[…] video for “No One Does It Like You” from last year’s excellent In Ear Park (my number 19 album of the year). I gotta say, this video is pretty creepy (it did premiere earlier this week at the MoMA after […]

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