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Netflix Rundown: November 08 by Barbecue Bros
December 2, 2008, 1:59 pm
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Made more of an effort to watch more movies this month, not only in Netflix but also DVR’d movies off HBO HD, Showtime HD, HD Net Movies, Mojo, etc.

Leatherheads (2008) – 6/10
Disappointing third directorial effort from Clooney. Didn’t seem to me that it knew what kind of movie it wanted to be – slapstick comedy, period comedy, or romantic comedy. Sure a movie could be all three at once, but this wasn’t an example of such a movie. Also, minus points because Renee Zellwegger bothers me.

Undertow (2004) – 8/10
Finally got around to viewing it after having it for a few months. Wasn’t disappointed at all. David Gordon Green is a master of these sort of southern gothic tales of tragedy, but Undertow mixed in some suspense elements. Some interesting editing mixes the formula up as well.

You Don’t Mess With Zohan (2008) – 5/10
I was well aware of this movie beforehand, but Judd Apatow co-wrote the script and Emmanuelle Chiriqui is so hot. Typical Adam Sandler dreck.

Half Nelson (2006) – 8/10
Now I know exactly why McAdams loves Gosling. He is fast becoming one of my favorite young actors after seeing his performance in this and Lars and the Real Girl (now I just need to get around to The Notebook.) His turn as a as a drug addicted middle school teacher should not make you overlook the performance by Shareeka Epps, which is worthy of the Independent Spirit Award she received. Also noteworthy was the score by Broken Social Scene.

Snow Angels (2007) – 8/10
I watched this and thus completed my viewing of all of the David Gordon Green features. The interweaving story of a high school kid, his old babysitter/now co-worker, her estranged husband and their daughter which ultimately leads to tragedy on several fronts. David Gordon Green is surely one of my favorite current directors.

Tropic Thunder (2008) – 5/10
Pretty disappointed by this one. Maybe it was misleading marketing, but I still couldn’t figure this one out even after viewing. I’d say the best part of the movie was Jay Baruchel; Jack Black was useless and annoying, I couldn’t understand Robert Downey Jr. half the time, and all Ben Stiller apparently wanted to do was show off his guns. And give me a break about Tom Cruise. He didn’t steal the movie, he was simply the one who had bad makeup (like Vinny Chase in Medellin bad) and overacted in it.

Currently Have Out:
The Assassination of Jesse James – I will watch this in December. Mark it down.
Persepolis – Curious to see what the fuss was about.
Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay – It will be the dumb comedy to cleanse my palate like Zohan was last month.


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You Don’t Mess With Zohan (2008) – 5/10

LOL u are really a good person. This is pure shit.

Comment by xniperwolf

Yea, in hindsight 5/10 was a bit high.

Comment by Tommy

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