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Linkdown: 12/2/08 by Barbecue Bros
December 2, 2008, 11:11 am
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It’s been a few weeks since I’ve been in the office, which would explain the light posting schedule recently. Anywhere, here’s a linkdown:

– Whatever happened to the Planet of the Apes trilogy that Tim Burton was planning to do? Oh wait, the first sucktastic (besides that chick’s cleavage) Planet of the Apes movie happened. In any case, there has been recent talks of a prequel under the working title Caesar.

– Empire’s list of 100 Greatest Movie Characters Ever (via Slashfilm)

– Mr. Skin’s list of Top 20 Nude Scenes in 2008; now I’m waiting for Flesh of the Stars’ list (via Cinematical)

– EW’s list of film franchises that should stop, including American Pie, Bring It On, and Saw

– If there was one person whose taste I don’t trust in music, he or she has now been replaced by Stephen King

Soulja Boy on what exactly “Superman that ho” means:

the song blew up in the mainstream and people started making up all kinds of crazy definitions on the Internet. It’s really nothing that you can actually do.

– The origins of Tina Fey’s scar have been revealed

– A Creed reunion? Really? Really?!?!


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Another amazing example of “that girl” – Estella Warren.

Comment by Susong

Nice find, Susong. And ah yes, Estella Warren. I used to know that, but I think I blocked that movie out of my mind.

Comment by twoguns

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