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Thursday Music Videos: 11/13/08 fall music edition by Barbecue Bros
November 13, 2008, 10:49 am
Filed under: music, YouTube

Ryan Adams – “Come Pick Me Up/Down in a Hole”
The harmonica still kills me in this song. The second part of the video is a cover of Alice in Chains’ “Down in a Hole” which was on the Follow the Lights ep, and it kinda kicks ass.

Hum – “Green to Me”
Probably the most immediately accessible song on Downward is Heavenward. I’ve actually never seen this video before. Youtube is le awesome. Also, late 90’s editing is le awesome.

Dirty Three – “I Really Should’ve Gone Out Last Night”
Decent quality live clip from a show in Houston in 2003.

Explosions in the Sky – “Greet Death”
In the same vein as putting TVOTR over an old Disney cartoon. Pretty cool.

Explosions in the Sky – “The Moon is Down”
Excerpt from a live video shot at the Starlight Ballroom in NYC. Check out Munaf going bonkers on a tambourine towards the end.

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Wait, you DONT like the harmonica or you DO? Confused cause I think its completely boss.

Comment by Susong

I do like it. Kills me in a good way.

Comment by twoguns

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