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Netflix Roundup: October 08 by Barbecue Bros
November 6, 2008, 11:43 am
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Not a ton of movie watching this month, probably due to the fall tv season kicking in.

Smart People (2008) – 5/10

This is one of those awful indie dramedies with characters you just don’t end up caring about of which I tend to be wary. I just couldn’t find a lot to like about it. Except maybe Ellen Page, but even her character wasn’t all that likable.

88 Minutes (2007) – 2/10

This was awful, but I knew that going in based on the Metacritic score of 17 and the AV Club feature on it in the “I Watched This On Purpose” regular column for awful movies. And it was 107 minutes, not 88. I mean, WTF, way to go “real time thriller.” Even still, Pacino totally phoned it in and the twist ending isn’t all that shocking. Just some genuinely bad direction, writing and acting.

Baby Mama (2008) – 8/10
Amy Poehler made this movie for me. She was hilarious is nearly all of the scenes she was in. 8/10 is probably a little bit high to rate this movie, but I liked Amy Poehler that much. Tina Fey was great as well, but mostly played the straight man to Amy.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 3 (2007) – 7/10

I only watched the first disc of season 3 but this isn’t really a series you need to catch up on every episode in order to watch the current season. There isn’t a lot of (or maybe any) story arcs that stretch out to multiple episodes, much less seasons. In any case, I’m glad I watched the green man episode, especially before Halloween.

Currently have out:
Undertow (2004) – Yes, still.
The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (2007) – Will watch this just so Dan stops asking if I’ve watched it.
You Don’t Mess With the Zohan (2008) – I know it’s supposed to be awful, but I’m also intrigued because Judd Apatow co-wrote the script.


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Let me know when you watch Assassination. Ill check that out.

Comment by Susong

Brad Pitt has assumed a Tier One position on my list of actors in which I’ll watch absolutely anything they do. With that being said, ‘underwhelmed’ would be the most polite word I can think of when I remember AoJJbtCRF. Pitt and Affleck bring their A-games, but whoever did the cutting didn’t leave much on the floor.

Comment by Eller

Yea, I’ve heard its pretty deliberate. Will hopefully get to it soon. It’s just hard to carve out that much time at once to watch a movie.

Comment by twoguns

Its really not. Monday – 7-10. Done.

Comment by Susong

Oh whoops, I have a soccer game on Monday. Like I do every Monday night.

Comment by twoguns

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