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Linkdown: 10/27/08 by Barbecue Bros
October 27, 2008, 1:10 pm
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I’m kinda sad that there will be another 9 months or so before the next season of Mad Men. It really is just a top-notch show. A re-watching of S2 on DVD will be in order next year, if only to see it in better quality.

– Couple recaps of last night’s season finale from trusted sources: EW | AV Club | Vulture

Two interviews with series creator Matthew Weiner (via the AV Club recap above)

– Jon Hamm/Don Draper kicked ass on SNL this week as well – here’s just the funny parts; loved Will Forte’s Pete voice impersonation and that Peggy and Roger Sterling showed up in Mad Men parody

– While its great news that Amy Poehler and Will Arnett had their baby over the weekend, it sucks that she won’t be on SNL anymore since she was a big reason to watch the show in the first place (she’ll begin work on her new NBC sitcom)

– A mock Gears of War movie poster (via Slashfilm)

Profile on Tracy Morgan from New York Magazine; must…resist…watching…30 Rock premiere…on Hulu


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I love Linkdowns. good for like half an hour of timewasting…

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