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Fall 08 TV schedule: Mondays by Barbecue Bros
October 7, 2008, 12:06 pm
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Now that we are two weeks into the Fall tv season, I’m going to work through each night and briefly discuss the shows I’m currently watching. Today I continue with Monday (image via Metacritic):

How I Met Your Mother, obvi. Boston Legal too. And yes, I’ll continue watching Gossip Girl. That means the 8-9pm timeslot is taken over and I won’t watch either Terminator or Chuck. I checked out Terminator during the writer’s strike and it wasn’t bad. If it was on another less-crowded night I would probably continue watching. I had watched every episode in the first season of Chuck but I really could have cared less about it and thus am not watching it anymore. I’ll miss the two hot girls though.

I still loathe Two and a Half Men and stopped watching Prison Break after the first season and Heroes last season – both for the reason of them getting too ridiculous for me. A new show that is pretty great (which means it will surely get canceled soon) is Worst Week. Based on a British sitcom, its kind of like Meet The Parents, only for a full week and with a guy less annoying than Ben Stiller. I’m not sure how many episodes the season will be or how long the series is supposed to go, but I’m certainly enjoying it for now.

Finally, can I mention how awful My Own Worst Enemy looks? Was it Ben Silverman who gave the go ahead on a Christian Slater tv drama? No wonder he is in the midst of losing his job.


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What about Dancing With The Stars? You can’t beat seeing Brooke Burke. Too bad Kim Kardashian got booted.

Comment by Dan

Sorry Dan.

Also, more like booty’d.

Comment by twoguns

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