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The Great iTunes Purge ‘08, Pt. 2 by Barbecue Bros
September 18, 2008, 11:15 am
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All told, I freed up approximately 6GB of music (including Pt. 1) which was only about 18% of my music collection. That turns out to not be as huge as I thought it would be. So maybe it wasn’t so much a great purge, but rather a medium-sized purge. In any case, it was an interesting exercise to go through the albums I had accumulated over the past 3 years and see how long it had been since I had listened to some of them. The real test will come once I defrag my laptop and then see how things runs.

HerbertScale – All I remember is that it’s electronic and kinda fey.

The KnifeSilent Shout – Not as good as I was led to believe.

LahtoShadows of What We Were – Generic ambient music that was available free from their site a few years back.

BelongOctober Language – Also generic ambient music.

Josh RouseShe’s Spanish, I’m American – I don’t even like Josh Rouse so I don’t know why I had this EP in the first place.

Channing CopeSugar In Our Blood – I remember buying this from iTunes 3 years ago based on hearing a sample song that was kind of math rock-ish, but with vocals. It’s not bad, but I hadn’t listened to this in 2+ years.

FridgeThe Sun – The tracks were all lower case, which drove me insane. Plus, it wasn’t as good his other albums.

PortisheadThird – Yea, so I’m not a trip-hop fan at all.

Fountains of WayneTraffic and Weather – I generally like FOW, but I barely remember the few times I listened to this

Nada SurfThe Weight is A Gift – Speaking of generic power pop…

The Broken WestI Can’t Go On, I’ll Go On – More generic power pop, just with more of a sunny California influence.

The Virgins – s/t – It was recommended to me for fans of MGMT. So not the case.

Bloc PartyA Weekend in the City – Try as I might, I just can’t get into Bloc Party.

Blonde Redhead23 – Bad rip, plus I’d much rather listen to a band like Asobi Seksu over Blonde Redhead personally.

The Music of Grand Theft Auto IV – A compilation that came free with the game, but I just didn’t like many of the songs. I found myself saying pretty much the same thing while playing the game as well.

BorisAkuma No Uta° ; BorisPink – Just couldn’t get into japanese psych-metal.

AminaAminaanimA – I got because of the Sigur Ros connection. Never really hit for me.

Golden SmogBlood on the Slacks – It had some interesting covers on it, but it had to go.

The New PornographersChallengers – Big disappointment following their great Twin Cinema.

SixtooChewing on glass & Other Miracle Cures – Not sure why I didn’t delete this with the other Sixtoo album the other day. Hadn’t listened too in 2+ years.

DeerhunterCryptograms – A case where the hype was met with disappointment for me.

DntelDumb LuckDntel gets a bunch of guest vocalists and it should be a slam dunk just like The Postal Service right? Wrong.

P:anoGhost Pirates Without Heads – As P:ano moved away from their hazy bedroom pop into more twee and showtunes-y music, I became less and less interested over the years.

Phantom PlanetThe Guest – I only kept “California.” Because of The OC, obvi.

The Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-La-La BandHorses in the Sky – Once A Silver Mt. Zion started adding awful vocals and extending their already long name, they lost me.

HangedupKicker in Tow – Musically interesting in that it’s a duo of viola and drums/percussion, but that’s about all the appeal I found in it.

The White StripesIcky Thump – I just don’t remember much good about this album.

Beat HappeningJamboree – I own a physical copy and only ripped this for possible inclusion on mixes. To date, I have included zero of the songs for whatever reasons.

Ghostface KillahMore Fish – Disappointing companion album to Fishscale.

Solomon BurkeNashville – Sorry Solomon, but I’ll take Don’t Give Up on Me over this country-rooted album.

Prefuse 73Reads the Books – Collab EP between Prefuse 73 and Books. I used a song once on a mix, but other than that barely listened to the EP.


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