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Linkdown: 9/8/08 potpourri by Barbecue Bros
September 8, 2008, 1:33 pm
Filed under: music

– The new TV on the Radio album Dear Science leaked late last week and I pretty much agree with Vulture’s assessment that it’s pretty great

– A New Yorker piece on what exactly musicians do with their onstage laptops during live shows includes info from Battles and the following tidbit from Girl Talk (via Vulture)

To flesh out the experience of watching a guy working on a computer, Gillis leaps about, invites fans to dance onstage, and often ends shows wearing just his boxers. To protect his Panasonic Toughbook, Gillis covers it in Saran Wrap and uses a mouse rather than the track pad. (“My hands just get too sweaty,” he explained to me.)

– A kickass live performance of “The Rat” by The Walkmen from Juan’s Basement

– Fox Searchlight just bought Darren Aronofsky’s The Wrestler, which is starting to get a lot of buzz

– Harold Ramis confirmed there is going to be Ghostbusters 3 and that Judd Apatow will co-produce

Hilarious photos of Christian Bale and Kermit (via Slashfilm)


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