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Review: An Evening with My Morning Jacket, 8/31/08 by Barbecue Bros
September 2, 2008, 12:15 pm
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This might have been my favorite concert ever. After waiting in a quick-moving line, I arrived at security to discover that digital cameras were not allowed in the venue. I mean my dinky 5.0 mega-pixel Canon ELPH is the furthest thing from professional so WTF. Not only was I not allowed to bring the camera in, I had to check it for $2 since I wasn’t going to be able to take it back to the car I rode to the show in. AND I was going to have to wait in another line after the show to get it back. F U House of Blues, F U. We got into the venue at about 7:45 and thankfully my buddies finagled a good spot stage right, about 5 feet back.

Thirty minutes later the curtains parted and the band ripped into their opener “Anytime.” The set itself was predictably heavy on Z and Evil Urges, and the new songs sounded great live. The whole band was awesome, but Jim James was just on another level that night – his voice sounded pretty great, he wore a cape during various songs and has really got the spinning countoff down pat. 

To my surprise, the middle third had a couple songs from The Tennessee Fire – “Evelyn Is Not Real” and “War Begun” – as well as mother-effing “Phone Went West” – probably my favorite song from my favorite MMJ album, At Dawn. From there the band launched into “Cobra” and rocked the packed GA pit into a throbbing mass of undulating bodies. I never realized it before, but “Cobra” really is a fucking sex jam; Terry even commented how he wanted to have sex to the song and I probably inadvertently grinded against John a couple of times. And to top it off, from where we were standing my buddies and I could look into some sort of VIP booth elevated above the band backstage left, and a couple of hot girls were dancing provocatively with each other. Before you know it, nearly a dozen guys are looking and pointing at the girls with our jaws dropped. So that was awesome. The set finished off with a transcendant “Dondante,” “Gideon,” “Lay Low” and its rollicking endjam (my favorite off Z), and “Mahgeetah.”

After a brief break, the band came back on and this is where the show took off even further. Susong screamed for everyone to join into the chorus of “Wordless Chorus” and it seemed like everyone in the venue complied. And then the next song made us lose our shit. Considering that we are all in our mid-20’s and are not meatheads, we were pogo-ing most of the show. However, during “Highly Suspicious” we went nuts and I thought a full-on mosh pit might break out (thankfully it didn’t). For such a polarizing song, “Highly Suspicious” really gets a great reception live. After “Smokin from Shootin,” the omnichord-accompanied “Touch Me I’m Going to Scream, Pt. 2” whipped us into a frenzy again. “Oh this feeling is wonderful, don’t you ever turn it off” indeed. And then “Run Thru” and “One Big Holiday” finished us off. But not before Adam stripped down to his boxers, poured beer all over himself and got kicked out by security. Luckily for him, it was at the end of the show so he probably heard the rest of “One Big Holiday” as he was being escorted out.

By the end, my calves burned from pogo-ing all night long, I was covered in sweat and beer (mostly courtesy of the splatter from Adam), my voice was hoarse, and Susong and I had inadvertently danced with the same girl at the same time at various points of the encore. Like I said, it might’ve been my favorite concert ever.

Full setlist and cameraphone photos after the jump

Aluminum Park
Off The Record
Evil Urges
Touch Me I’m Going to Scream, Pt. 1
Two Halves
Thank You Too!
I’m Amazed
Evelyn Is Not Real
Sec Walkin
War Begun
Phone Went West
Lay Low

Wordless Chorus
Highly Suspicious
Smokin From Shootin
Touch Me I’m Going to Scream, Pt. 2
Run Thru
One Big Holiday

A few photos taken with my phone (click for larger versions):



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Man, that was so awesome. Just a great great show…

Comment by Susong

Bracken: propensity to get naked
Lambeth: the soft head-butt

Comment by New Guy

re: head-butt…now i know what it feels like to be an nfl lineman

Comment by twoguns

[…] That My Morning Jacket show I went to last weekend (link) – Seriously, one of the best concerts I’ve ever been […]

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