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Tuesday Movie Trailers: 8/20/08 Wednesday edition by Barbecue Bros
August 20, 2008, 2:00 pm
Filed under: movies, trailer, YouTube

Righteous Kill – Robert Deniro and Al Pacino in a movie might be a big deal if a) it was 13 years ago and the movie was named Heat b) the movie didn’t feature 50 Cent and 3) it wasn’t directed by a man who already directed Pacino in the awful 88 Minutes (Metacritic rating of 17). Oh, and the remix of “Sympathy for the Devil” doesn’t help either.

Beer for My Horses – Oh, Claire Forlani how far you have fallen. You were cute in Mallrats and The Rock and then you have recently done a Uwe Boll movie and now a movie based off a Toby Keith song.

A Girl Cut in Two – Ludivine Sagnier is hot, plus she sometimes gets nakey (see Swimming Pool). But, this is a french-language film and I don’t see any swords or magicians in the trailer. This will probably be a rental at best for me, but more than likely I’ll just google the nakey scenes.


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