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Thursday Music Videos: 8/14/08 by Barbecue Bros
August 14, 2008, 10:48 am
Filed under: music, YouTube

Mogwai – “BatCat” – Whereas “The Sun Smells Too Loud” was more sunny than I had expected, “BatCat” kinda sounds evil and supposed to be more indicative of their upcoming album The Hawk Is Howling.

Travis – “Something Anything” – Hmm, well this certainly different than their previous three albums. Less pretty, more guitar fuzz – the opening riff caught me off guard. From the youtube page:

Ode To J Smith is Travis’s loudest, edgiest and most arresting record since their debut. Written in 5 weeks and recorded in just 14 days, it’s the sound of a band re-born, re-inspired and re-energised. Says bassist Dougie Payne, “we wanted this record to have some rough edges. In the past we might have been guilty of making really beautiful things that were so smooth you almost slipped off them. You can’t say that about this one. We really pushed ourselves. It’s like prog-pop; lots happening in about three minutes”.

Grandaddy – “The Crystal Lake” – I found two usedĀ Grandaddy albums a few weeks back (Sumday and Under the Western Freeway) and while they are good, they just made me remember a time when I was a huge fan in 2001 (circa The Sophtware Slump). “The Crystal Lake” is from that album.


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