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Linkdown: Last one about Pineapple Express by Barbecue Bros
August 7, 2008, 12:19 pm
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So I saw Pineapple Express in a packed theater last night. Stoner humor isn’t my thing, but thankfully the action and slapstick and everpresent Apatow/Rogen/Goldberg filthy-speak helped make it more than just an awful stoner comedy (like, say, Smiley Face). James Franco was unexpectedly hilarious, Seth Rogen was playing Seth Rogen, and Danny McBride was so great that I was genuinely interested in his well-being in the movie, despite being a minor character with only a handful of scenes. His performance also makes me want to see Tropic Thunder that much more. Also, good for David Gordon Green and many of his crew, who graduated from the NC School of the Arts in Winston-Salem. It may not be as quote-worthy as more recent Apatow films like Superbad and Forgetting Sarah Marshall, but Pineapple Express was still great. 8/10.

Interview with Seth Rogen from AV Club

– Who’s a better action director: David Gordon Green or Christopher Nolan?

– Vulture asks what other indie directors should team up with Judd Apatow

– David Gordon Green weighs in which indie director should be next

Some controversy on the hilarious shark eating a kitten shirt worn by James Franco in the movie: it may or may not have been a ripoff of a WOWCH shirt from 2005 (via Slashfilm)

– David Gordon Green’s next movie is a remake of Suspiria and may star Natalie Portman


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totally agree about Franco and McBride. easily some of the most fun i’ve had at a movie this summer (which actually says a lot when you look at everything that’s come out so far).

Comment by Eller

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