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Netflix roundup: June/July 08 by Barbecue Bros
August 4, 2008, 2:48 pm
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Been a while since I did one of these, so I decided to bring it back. Will be slightly different format than before (i.e. now using the IMDb rating system instead of grading, no more bullet-point critiques).

Love in the Time of Cholera (2007) – 7/10
Any Gabriel Garcia Marquez novel would be hard to condense into a film. Overall, a good cast (Javier Bardem, Benjamin Bratt, and Giovanna Mezzogiorno) and colorful art direction, but there was something lacking in this film adaptation.

The Matador (2005) – 6/10
It’s an interesting and indie dark dramady, but I would recommend In Bruges (see below) over The Matador.

Cocaine Cowboys (2006) – 8/10
Fascinating documentary on the history of cocaine in Miami in the 80’s and its large influence on the city. It supposedly influenced Scarface and Miami Vice, and a sequel has already been released. HBO is also developing a series based on it.

Semi-Pro (2008 ) – 7/10
Not nearly as bad as most people would have you believe, but you can’t be suffering from any sort of Will Ferrell-fatigue. Also, it’s nice that a Ferrell sports comedy is rated R for once. Cast includes Woody Harrelson, Andre 3000, Maura Tierney, Will Arnett, Andy Richter, David Koechner, Rob Corddry, Matt Walsh, Tim Meadows, Jason Sudeikis, Kristen Viig, and Ed Helms.

Be Kind Rewind (2008 ) – 8/10
I still haven’t been let down by Michel Gondry. Yes, it’s a little bit silly and precious, but its also an original concept and very well done. Love the ending.

Lars and the Real Girl (2007) – 8/10
A great surprise of a film with a wonderfully understated performance by Ryan Gosling. Also, thank goodness for another original concept. Would surely have been in my top ten from last year, if not higher.

“Firefly” (2002) – N/A (waiting until I finish series before I give a final ranking)
Been getting more and more into Joss Whedon lately. I love the universe he created here, kind of a spaghetti-western-meets-Star Wars vibe to it. Only one disc into the series thus far though.

In Bruges (2008 ) – 8/10
Already wrote about this one a bit in my top 5 of last week here.

“Mad Men” Season 1 (2007) – 8/10
I love a lot about the show – from the opening sequence to the interesting insight into 60’s culture to the dynamic between main characters – but I am still trying to figure it out. Its deliberately paced, which is rare in this post-24 tv landscape, but it has a lot of wonderful little touches and small character moments. I guess all I can say right now is that I am not upset that I watched season 1 and have caught up to season 2. Except for the fact that I don’t have AMC HD (I mean, c’mon TWC!).

Bullitt (1968 ) – 7/10
That car chase scene alone makes it worth watching. Other, non-car chase scenes didn’t do as much for me, though I can certainly see influences on more recent films. Steve McQueen is a badass, though.


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