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Holy Chipotle by Barbecue Bros
June 3, 2008, 12:26 pm
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Slowly, Chipotle has been expanding into the southeast, and we finally got one here last summer. And I really enjoy their burritos, even if I don’t eat there all that often. However, I did not realize just how unhealthy it could be. My usual order, a carnitas burrito:

Without cheese, its 805 calories and 25g of total fat, but that’s no fun. However, add sour cream and guac along with cheese and it comes to a whopping 1175 calories and 54g of total fat!


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My regular order is 1165 cals. This is disturbing news, but won’t stop me from eating the crap out of it.

Comment by Brian

I come in at 623 calories and 18g fat – not too bad (holler for being lactose intolerant!).

Look what happens if you have chips, though.

Comment by Kenny

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